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  5. "четыре куска сыра"

"четыре куска сыра"

Translation:four pieces of cheese

April 15, 2017



Should slices instead of pieces be accepted?


Technically, a slice is ломтик. A slice should probably be accepted for "кусочек", a little кусок, but just кусок most of the time means a piece that's bigger than a slice.

This is kind of not clearcut in my opinion and I would bet some folks would disagree.


To me a piece of cheese is what you might put in a mousetrap or maybe what a mouse might leave behind after helping itself to a whole slice of cheese. In the US we seldom speak of a serving of bread or cheese as a piece -- it's a slice, (or maybe a hunk or a chunk if torn off and not neatly sliced). A cheese sandwich is a slice of cheese between two slices of bread. But, oddly enough, we do speak of a piece of cake even though cakes are also served in slices.


Stress should be on the first syllable: СЫ-ра


It seems to me that we learn French here. :)


You allowed "пять кусков хлеба" to be translated as "five slices of bread". While acknowledging differences in the construction of our sentences: as far as I am aware, there is no meaningful difference in the way Russian speakers and we Anglophones construct our sandwiches. It is nonsense to disallow the translation of "четыре куска сыра" as "four slices of cheese". Please, amend this lamentable state of affairs to introduce some clarity and consistency.


Just reported that I thought "slices" was also correct....... sorry my bad, it looks like that's wrong. Sorry for wasting your time

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