somethings wrong with this web......

the english thing said to type "the menu" into the answer box in french. so, i typed "le menu" and it said i was wrong and the answer was "la carte". how was the answer "la carte"????? because then soon after that the french thing said "LE MENU"!!!!! i don't know why this thing is so weird. At least there was a report button! :) :0 :) :0

April 15, 2017


look at the number 5, on the link I have posted

In French : La carte = le menu

Le serveur : — Bonjour Mesdames, je vous apporte la carte.


Les clients : — Nous sommes pressés, apportez-nous rapidement la carte s'il vous plait.

Because, In France, on the "carte" there are several "menus".

April 15, 2017

maybe it messed up, it sometimes happens, but you could restart the lesson if you don't like mistakes.

April 15, 2017

maybe it just had a glitch good luck :D : )

April 18, 2017
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