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Poll: Do You Use Macintosh, Windows, Or Something else To Do Duolingo?

April 15, 2017



I use Debian (a Linux distro) along with the GNOME Desktop Environment. I only upgrade every other version, am stuck on Debian 7 Wheezy and GNOME 3.4, but I am dying for Debian 9 (which hasn't been released yet) and GNOME 3.22!

As far as hardware goes, I use an old laptop. After moderately heavy use, the screen dies temporarily. So a friend (finding no use in it) gave it to me. I plugged in an external monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse, and used the laptop as a desktop.

Sometimes I also use the app on my Android phone. I prefer the computer, though, because you cannot use timed practice on the app.

I also like to do my programming while I'm commenting on Duolingo. I write a comment, play with a few lines of code, and go back to the web browser again.

The following is a screenshot of what I normally do. I posted the link to it, instead of the image itself, because the image is huge and my comment would be too big. =) Click here!

Edit: I came back to this discussion and it made me chuckle. All the Linux users had no idea anyone else in the world used Linux and they were like "Hey, cool!" so all the Linux users got upvoted to the top.

Edit 2: Debian 9 "Stretch" was released on June 17. It is AWESOME! Here is the screenshot I submitted to Debian:


You guys are too nerdy for me!


I use Debian along with the Awesome WM.


I use Linux Mint + Cinnamon


PC: Linux (Mageia) + GNOME Desktop Environment + Firefox browser
Phone and tablet: Android + Firefox browser


I use Debian along with the desktop environment KDE 5

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