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Poll: Do You Use Macintosh, Windows, Or Something else To Do Duolingo?

April 15, 2017



I use Debian (a Linux distro) along with the GNOME Desktop Environment. I only upgrade every other version, am stuck on Debian 7 Wheezy and GNOME 3.4, but I am dying for Debian 9 (which hasn't been released yet) and GNOME 3.22!

As far as hardware goes, I use an old laptop. After moderately heavy use, the screen dies temporarily. So a friend (finding no use in it) gave it to me. I plugged in an external monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse, and used the laptop as a desktop.

Sometimes I also use the app on my Android phone. I prefer the computer, though, because you cannot use timed practice on the app.

I also like to do my programming while I'm commenting on Duolingo. I write a comment, play with a few lines of code, and go back to the web browser again.

The following is a screenshot of what I normally do. I posted the link to it, instead of the image itself, because the image is huge and my comment would be too big. =) Click here!

Edit: I came back to this discussion and it made me chuckle. All the Linux users had no idea anyone else in the world used Linux and they were like "Hey, cool!" so all the Linux users got upvoted to the top.

Edit 2: Debian 9 "Stretch" was released on June 17. It is AWESOME! Here is the screenshot I submitted to Debian:


You guys are too nerdy for me!


Everyone is gifted at different things. =)


I use Debian along with the Awesome WM.


I use Linux Mint + Cinnamon


PC: Linux (Mageia) + GNOME Desktop Environment + Firefox browser
Phone and tablet: Android + Firefox browser


I use Debian along with the desktop environment KDE 5


Mac, Windows, IOS, and Linux.


Which version of Linux? I used to be a Mandriva user but that machine ended up dying on me and I have not got around to installing it on my wife's desktop (I haven't bothered around to change the BIOS settings to boot from the DVD-ROM so I can set up another dual-boot).

Obviously that was a few years ago and Mandriva has since ended. I have considered the question of which distro to try next but never settled on an answer.


I've used Ubuntu a lot for Duolingo with no problems.


Linux Mageia is the substitute of Linux Mandriva
I use it for many years now (from version 2 to 5)


I remember when Mageia forked off of Mandriva. I think I even downloaded one of their first OSes but I never installed it. That is one of the stronger contenders when I consider the question of what distro I would go to next.


I like Ubuntu and CentOS, personally. Ubuntu because it keeps up with the times and CentOS because it's rock solid. You can usually have bleeding edge or secure and bug-free, and for me those two cover both of those options. Plus there's tons of documentation and support for them should you run into a snag.


This is the first time a Moderator commented on one of my posts!


Wow, that's quite a spread.


It depends on where I am. Mac on the loveseat at home (my "relax" spot), Linux in the office at home, Windows in the office at work, and IOS on the go. :)


If you could choose what OS all your devices (work, home, etc.) were run on, what would it be?


Just out of curiosity, do you moderate on all of them or just one?


I moderate from all but IOS. I use the app on IOS and I can't moderate from there. I've tried using Safari and logging into the website but it's too tiny to be useful.


I use mostly linux (a laptop & a desktop). Occasionally I use a Windows 10 laptop (not mine). I used to use a Chromebook most of the time for Duolingo but it died a few months ago.


Linux - Windows - iOS :)


I run Duolingo on Unix...but don't mind me please


I use either my MacBook Air (preferred) or my iPhone (if I can't use my computer).


I primarily use Windows and Android to do Duolingo; I prefer Windows over Android.


Edge on Windows. My wife uses the iPad app and the two experiences are quite different. Windows is better.

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Android, but with the Duolingo app version 3.15.1 (the last good mobile version if you ask me)


Ubuntu Linux with keyboards and IMEs for Russian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. I know how to add them for about 25 other writing systems. There are also keyboard layouts for French (AZERTY), German (QWERTZ), and other languages that use various versions of the Latin alphabet. At one time I could type Sanskrit, too.


I use Macintosh to do Duolingo. Occasionally, I will use an IOS device, but I mostly do it on Macintosh. :)


Windows and IOS.


I've have used the Mobil iPod app for years. Every now and then I use the browser to access the discussions, but through iOS.


Chrome on Windows or the app for IOS. I prefer the computer, however.


Alright, cool.

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I use a Kindle fire. What's the best thing to use for it in your opinion (anybody)?


I personally use either Mac or IOS. I prefer using Mac.

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What's different about them vs a kindle?


I don't really know. I've never used a kindle.


Did you give me ten lingots?

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Yes, you answered my question.

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You're welcome


Both iOS and Macintosh



Windows or IOS. IOS is only for when i had a break during school :)


Chrome on Windows (Duolingo, dictionaries, blogs, Youtube,Esperanto channels...) with Word/Excel analysis, 2*FHD screens.

Android on Galaxy Note 4 when far from the large Dell screens and Logitech G110 kbd.


It looks Windows is the most convenient/popular (so far), but diversity is the winner.


Windows 10 on a laptop. Sometimes will use iPod if away from laptop. That's not often, since it's hard for me to type with the iPod.


I'm mostly using Windows 10 to access Duo, though I've done it using Firefox on Linux servers (Centos 6/7) a few times.


I use mainly iPad (daily), but also a PC with Linux Mint (daily) or Windows 7 (not too frequently)


I use a macbook air/ ipad

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