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Pronouncing "y" in Spanish

It's hard for me to pronounce the word "playa". Can anyone help?

June 23, 2012



'Pla' as in 'planet', 'ya' as in 'yak'. Depending on where you are in the spanish speaking world the 'y' can be different though. It can lean more towards a 'j' as in 'jacket' sound.


Depending where you are in the Spanish speaking world, the 'y' can even lean towards a 'sh' as in 'shower'. You can just go with any possibility you like.


I generally place the Spanish y in a gray triangle between the English y, j, and ch. Where within this area the pronunciation lies depends on the word itself. You will learn this by listening to native Spanish speakers speak.


Try pronouncing the world "pliable" without the "ble." That's pretty much exactly much "playa" should sound like.


Thank you. The Y doesn't quite sound to me like English "y" as in yak, but I'll go with that.


"Pliable"-- that works! Excellent tip. I could hear how it needed to sound but I couldn't figure out how to make it. Until now! Gracias.


"y" has a sound like ee so if you want to say playa you should say "plaeea" that is the the pronunciation but many times its different like if "g" comes before "e" or "i" it becomes "kh"

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