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  5. "I do not have wine."

"I do not have wine."

Translation:В мене нема вина.

April 16, 2017



Why is it B instead of Y?


They are interchangeable :)

It's similar to і/й/та - there are no rules but only suggestions based on how melodic it sounds.

For example, saying "У мене" is actually better, since we alternate vowel and consonant. But, if it's preceded by a word that ends with a vowel, for example, "Бо в мене нема...", using в might sound better.

Grammatically they are indistinguishable and can be interchanged freely here on Duolingo

(but maybe not when writing a language test, let's say, because they are testing whether you learned the "alternating у/в" rule)


Can someone explain to me the difference between немає and нічого. I know its not in this lesson, but from another I took. Is немає to not have or be as in Yeye tut nemaye, while нічого would be that there is something present but you can't have it?


"Nemaye" means "There isn't".

"Nichoho" means "Nothing"

(And, in Ukrainian the negative is doubled: "There isn't anything" = "Nemaye nichoho")


dyakoyu. Now I know!!!


Is нема the same as немає? I think it could just be a typo.


Нема and немає are the same.


Is нема and немає the same because "є" refers to the verb "to be" which is never written and replaced by a "-" ?


1) Нема and немає are the same

2) As to the etymology of the word немає, I don't know. I would rather say the "є" in немає does NOT come from "є" (нема + є) but from "має" (не + має), which means "to have". It could be that "there is no" came from "does not have".

In that sense then, it's немає which is the "first" word, and нема comes from немає by lazily not pronouncing the last syllable :)


you are right, but немає sounds better for me (native speaker)


"Nema" is actually approximately how it's said correctly in Polish. Could the Ukrainian "Нема" be of Polish influence?


If "во мене має вина" is the same as "у мене немає вина", why was it flagged as incorrect?


When I need to use В мене нема and when В мене немає and can i put У instead of В?


please see Sagitta's answer above.

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