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Duolingo app should allow users to download unlimited lessons.

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If people could download as many lessons as they wanted it would allow them to do a lot more when not connected to the internet...

4 years ago



I don't have mobile internet but after a while I stopped using the pre-loaded lessons. If you make enough mistakes and have to start over, it just gives you the same sentences in the same order, which I feel is not so much learning as memorising the answers. Then again, pre-loading more sentences than necessary just for the sake of randomness would also take up more space on your phone, so it should be optional.

4 years ago


Good idea.

4 years ago


Memrise has that feature, and it's definitely come in handy since I have unlimited internet at home, but very little mobile internet.

4 years ago


It doesn't really have the functionality OP is looking for. As of right now, it only pre-downloads about an hour's worth of lessons. I'm going to be traveling abroad without Internet for 3 weeks, and would like to be able to pre-download the whole course. . .

4 years ago