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URLs that included ampersands break

Pons.eu is my go-to German<->English dictionary, and as I've been posting more links to it recently to help other users out with the meanings of words, I've noticed that DL's forum breaks the live links to any URL that contains an ampersand (one of these things: &)

Forum software elsewhere on the web parses URLs like this properly, so it's hopefully a matter of one of the clever coding types taking a bit of time out from returning the Vocab section to us to fix the parsing of URLs!

Random link into Pons, to the page for the German word Nichts (nothing), so you can see what the issue is:


The URL above should be:

en.pons.com/translate?q=Nichts[ampersand here]l=deen[ampersand here]in=ac_de[ampersand here]lf=de

... and be a direct link to the page for nichts but it gets cut off by DL and just goes to the main Pons page with some nonsense in the search box.

Vielen Dank! (that took about eight passes through the Edit function to get right and to get it formatted understandably...)

March 15, 2014



Under the search bar you can see : German » English > N > nicht > nichts

If you click "nichts" you get a different link that looks like this: http://en.pons.com/translate/german-english/nichts


Great. Thanks for sharing!


That's perfect! Thanks a lot!


Good to know that the individual definition pages are more ordinary URLs without the random symbols DL doesn't handle! Thanks for posting, it's good to know as a workaround, until DL fixes the URL display issue.


Thank you! You're correct :) I'll bring this back to the rest of the team.


As a workaround, you can use a URL shortener. It's not ideal though because you never know what you're clicking on.


Duolingo also breaks links with a colon in it [ : ]. Thanks for bringing this up for discussion!

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