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  5. "Wametoka Tanzania"

"Wametoka Tanzania"

Translation:They are from Tanzania

April 16, 2017



So, is there a difference between Wanatoka Tanzania and Wametoka Tanzania?


I always found "ninatoka country name " and "nimetoka country name " used interchangeably. Could be a function of the way the speaker is thinking about it at the moment. Also the question, "Umetoka nchi gani" and "Unatoka nchi gani" used interchangeably. I would not claim that "unatoka" and "umetoka" can be used interchangeably in all contexts, but it seems it can be in this situation of "coming from a country" and probably some others.


I think they use the (me) when they are talking about a group of people coming from a place.


"Wametoka" is past perfect. "Wanatoka" is present/present continuous. "They have come from" vs "they are coming from".


Yes, but unfortunately "they have come from ..." is not accepted.


Wanatoka as in they are in the process of leaving right now or soon. Wametoka as in they've already left, so now we look at them as 'They are from'


That makes sense, but we've already learnt wanatoka to mean "they come from" with one's country of origin, and every phrasebook and introductory video for Swahili has ninatoka + country to say where you're from instead of nimetoka.


Why not ‘they come from tanzania’?


-me- tense infix generally translates to have. If one were describing a group who have just arrived, one would say 'they have come from...'.


Why is it not accepted to write: "they have left Tanzania"?

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