Italian Quotes from Easter candies

EDIT: Added three more quotes. For those curious, these are authentic Italian candies under the brand name Bacio.

For Easter we are eating these white chocolate nut candies made by an Italian company. They have parchment paper slips with quotes in four different languages (Italian, English, Spanish, French). Here are the Italian versions of the quotes I've collected, and the provided English equivalent:

  • E' bello leggere le tue lettere, me quanto più dolce sentirti parlare! (Your letters are wonderful, but your voice is sweeter!) ~ Plinio il Giovane

  • Le grandi cose si dicono in silenzio. (The greatest things are said in silence) ~ Grazia Deledda

  • Riprendi l'amico in segrto e lodalo en palese. (Scold your friend in secret and praise him to all) ~ Leonardo da Vinci

  • All'amico affidiamo il cuore tutto ciò che esso contiene. (We will entrust our heart and all it contains to a friend) ~ Aelredo di Rivaulx

  • All'amico tu vuoi bene come a te stesso. (Friendship makes you feel as one with your friend) ~ Katherine Mansfield

  • Immaginate luce arde e consuma. (The glimpsed light I imagined consumes me) ~ Vittorio Colonna

  • Sublime amore in tale istante ti favelli al coure! (Let love, sublime love, at this moment speak to your heart) ~ Giuseppe Verdi

  • Che sia soltanto per amore: per nessun altro motivo. (Let it be for nought except for love's sake only) ~ Elizabeth Browning

  • L'amico certo si conosce nell'incertezza. (A friend in need is a friend indeed) ~ Baltasar Gracián

Spanish versions:

French versions:

April 16, 2017


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