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"I work here since the summer."

Translation:Eu lucrez aici din cursul verii.

April 16, 2017



Can someone explain what the word cursul is doing here?


Indeed it is a bit strange and confusing for someone learning the language. I would most likely say din vară instead.


I put din vara and it was accepted


You can say: "din timpul verii". "Cursul" is synonymous here with "scurgerea" passing, spending, running out. For example, you can say: "cursul timpului" or " cursul apei", although in the second example indicate the direction also.


'I have worked here since the summer' or 'I have been working here since the summer' would be better translations, IMHO (present perfect -- or present perfect continuous -- for ongoing actions that have started in the past).


Not simply better, but the correct translation(s) (with "work" and "live" we can use either). DL's English sentence here is simply ungrammatical (i.e. no native speaker would say it), and I'm really surprised nobody picked up on this before you. So have a lingot. :)


Doesn't "cursul verii" mean "summer course"?


more "the course of the summer" din cursul" = "from the course of" i.e. since.

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