Hebrew With Vowels Please

I'd like to leave some feedback on the Hebrew language course. I learned to read Hebrew characters as a child, but not how to speak the language, so I'm glad for the chance to learn here. However, while I know the ultimate goal is to read without the vowels, the vowels would be very helpful for learning new words.

May I recommend that the vowels be used for the lesson on which a new word is used, and keep them on those new words for three or four lessons/levels/modules?

4/16/2017, 5:24:05 PM


I totally agree. I also cannot "type" the characters without having them to choose from in a list (as in the Spanish). Perhaps someone could take the time to develop actual Aleph-Beyt lessons also, because while the first levels say "letters" as the title, they are not introducing the letters but words and even phrases already. Please, do, start at the beginning. Hope someone is able to commit time to put this together. Some of us "students" are feeling "ready" and awaiting our "teacher". :)

6/4/2017, 6:14:13 AM

Also agree!

1/4/2018, 1:00:51 AM
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