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"Einer seiner Versuche war ein Erfolg."

Translation:One of his attempts was a success.

March 15, 2014



Could potentially be horrible grammar, but why would "one of his tries was a success" be incorrect?


In English, it sounds fine to me. (Native US English speaker.)


Why is it "einer"?


"ein" is an article preceding a noun, and "einer" is a pronoun standing in for a noun.



I figured einer was the genitive plural form and seiner was in genitive to follow suit. But I read it in my head as "One of of his attempts." Can einer mean "one of" or does it always mean "of a" when used before fem/plural genitive. If einer isn't in genitive and means "One" and seiner means "of his" (genitive) why is the "one" in masculine nominative when it is preceding a plural noun?


Okay, I looked at the chart again. It looks like einer is the pronoun (meaning "One" I think...) that would precede genitive plural. But unlike masculine/neuter nominative, this is the same ending that the indefinite article would have. So, how do we know if it means "One" or "of a?"


why 'seiner', why not 'seine' instead ?


Seiner in this sentence is genitive case.

Der Versuch die Versuche (plural) Nominative des Versuches der Versuche (plural) Genitiv seines Versuches seiner Versuche (plural) Genitiv

Here is a copy of one of my charts: Person Genus Nominativ Akkusativ Dativ Genitiv 1st person ich mich mir meiner 2nd person du dich dir deiner 3rd person Maskulin er ihn ihm seiner 3rd person Feminin sie sie ihr ihrer 3rd person Neutrum es es ihm seiner 1st person wir uns uns unser 2nd person ihr euch euch euer 3rd person sie sie ihnen ihrer Höflichkeitsform (polite form 2nd person) 2nd person Sie Sie Ihnen Ihrer

I do not know what this chart will look like after I click the Save button.


I lost a heart for writing, one of his efforts was a success. Efforts mean the same thing as attempts. I disagree with Duolingo on this.


Please do not report mistakes or alternative translations in the comments. Use the report button only. Thanks!



I disagree with christian . I thought that was the whole point of these forums. Reporting your problems here is how the rest of us learn.

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