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Grammatical question(ce/que)

Hey Duolingo! So for this sentence i am trying to ask "Why do you like everything you see?"

My attempt was: pourquoi tu aimes tout que tu vois and apparently the CORRECT grammar for this sentence is

Pourquoi tu aimes tout ce que tu vois

I am wondering, what does the ce serve in this sentence, why is it there? I know about c'est and that ce means this, but why would we even put it here? When do you use it like this?

April 16, 2017



The "ce" cannot be ommitted here, because that's just the way this type of sentence works in French.
English likes to drop relative pronouns, but French never does so.

It literally means "that which" : tout ce que tu vois = all that which you see

April 16, 2017


So when you combine ce and que you get "that which"?

because from what i am learning so far i thought ce was "it" or "this"

April 16, 2017


It would translate directly into "why do you like all these that you see", so
"tout" = all
"ce" = these (actually "this", but that wouldn't sound very English)
"que" = that

April 16, 2017


Actually "ce que" matches "what" when the sentence is not a question.

  • you like what you see = tu aimes ce que tu vois
April 17, 2017
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