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"Take a shortcut" button disappeared?


I am learning French in school for 6 months and I really like it so I searched for different ways to learn on the Internet, then I found Duolingo (it's super :) ). So I wanted to skip the basic part of the tree, I started the course for taking shortcut but in the middle of the test I had to go so I closed it. After few minutes I returned, but there isn't any button for skipping.. Can you help me? I am too lazy for doing it all :D

(sorry for my bad English, it's not my native language and I'm 13 years old..)

Thanks :) ZelvaCZ

March 15, 2014



It sounds like you used up all your tries to test out for that section :/


Probably it's true.. okay, I have to do these levels one by one :( :D but it doesn't matter, I will practice the basics one more time :)

Thanks, take that lingot :) ZelvaCZ


You have 3 tries to pass each shortcut. If you use them up, you can reset the language and try again. Na kazdou zkratku mas 3 pokusy. Pokud je vycerpas tak muzes ten francouzsky kurz vymazat a zkusit to znovu.


Sorry, I don't have a solution to your problem. But I would like to say that your English is excellent. I'm Australian, and even though there was a few grammar issues, I understood it perfectly.


Thank you for your opinion, but I think it's not excellent. There are still these mistakes which you were talking about.. (not sure this sentence is written correctly, probably not :D)


Just like before, a few mistakes, but anyone who is fluent in English can easily understand it. I've been speaking English my entire life, and sometimes I make the same mistakes you do. Don't worry about it.

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