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  5. My French tree disappeared


My French tree disappeared

All my French tree today is white, after last app update. Please, recover my progress! :-(

March 15, 2014



Can you please share a screenshot? If you're offline and you finished the tree you won't be able to practice, so you might see that there are no available skills for you to do. You finished the French tree, so that is the most likely. Let me know if that is happening!


Same problem here on my ipad . . . Spanish and Dutch trees are totally gone . . . blank white screen. Not to mention all my Italian progress is gone . . . but at least the new crown screen appears . . . though it tells me I've done 0 of X in every single lesson. Several years down the drain apparently. I think it may be time to give up on Duolingo. Instead of adding the discussion forums to the app so those of us who only use Duo on mobile devices could have a warning about this new crowns system . . . they just zap us with it with no explanation. UGGG!


Now it's all right again. I think it was a networking problem. :-)


Phew :) Thanks for following up!


Sorry, but it's happening again. When I switch between French/English and Inglese/Italiano, Duolingo sometimes loses its memory. My trees are both completed and usually "full golden". But after i have switched from a tree to the other one, the second one is showed like a beginner's one. I can see the error both on the app and on the browser: the problem is server side. After maybe one hour the tree returns to be correct. It's not a networking related problem. I think that the issue is related to the fact that I'm using Duolingo both as an Italian speaker(as i actually am) and as an English speaker. Maybe a variable on the server needs to be reset on the switch.


I lost all my progress too on my iPod it is there but on my tablet it is gone


I'm having the same problem the French lessons are just a blank white screen and when i get a lesson it's in a different language

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