XP Contest

It is free to get in, but donations are accepted. Starting prizes are 50 lingots for 1st place, 30 lingots for 2nd place, and 15 lingots for 3rd place.

Unlimited players may join.

It starts on the 17th and ends at midnight on the 23rd. So, get your gear going!

I am joining, but if I get first place than the next person will get it. I am not giving any prizes to myself! Also, please upvote this!

  1. FantF: 2414XP :O

  2. AMP2004: 2170XP

  3. Starboystellan: 1497 XP

  4. cwpotter: 1080XP

  5. ThatSnailDude: 900XP

  6. BlueOwl15: 670XP

  7. Daniel5476: 607

  8. WildKatrina: 320XP

  9. IamBrave16: 200XP

  10. samn79: 200XP

  11. PrincessSirenity: 190XP

  12. X_Ravenclaw_X: 120XP

  13. DJ_killav3: 100XP

  14. yahuwa: 87XP

  15. Lil_Lollipop (i.e. "ellie and friends"): 20XP

You may join any time during the week but you will have to catch up.

A rule of thumb that I have is that this is nonprofit, so I will not be keeping ANY of the donated lingots, they are all going to the prizes!

EDIT: Prizes are upgraded thanks to a fairly generous donation! 1st is 50, 2nd is 30, and 3rd is 15 :)

April 16, 2017


@all Congratulations! The contest is over!

3rd is CWPOTTER!!!!! With a cool score of 1800 or so, you won 15 lingots!!!

and, 2nd is FANTF!!!!!!! Nice job bro, with around 2500 XPs!! You won 30 lingots!

and, last of all, 1st place is... drumroll... AMP2004!!!!!!!! Congratulations! 50 lingots for you! 3000XP is a lot!

Thank you starboystellan!

Now I'm salty :P thanks though! :D

u have another chance in Daniel's contest :) we'll see though, i might get serious XD

Wow! That's awesome scores! Keep it up!

Heyyy!!! I am joining 10 Lingots ;)

I will try my best... hehehe ;) ;)

I hope I get lucky! Maybe I'll get first time luck!

Yea! Do you know how it works? See who gets the most XP?

Thank you for telling me. I don't know how to play AT ALL! so thanks for explaining it!

yep :) There weren't any to join so I made one!

ok. better start learning!

I won't join, but I would like to donate some :)

Keep it up! I love seeing stuff like this!

Can is join? I gave lingots

You should totally join! It is soooo fun!

yep! glad to have you :D

So it ends on the 23rd! Alright lets go!

I am joining! here's 3 lingots!

Hey my friend I'm in! Here are 15 lingots!

Thanks! Sure thing :)

Is there enough room fur one more purrson? ฅ^•ㅅ•^ฅ

Yep :) unlimited. you're in I suppose? glad to have you ;)

What the leader board so far?

In order? haven't compiled one yet, but i'll try to soon

Can you update it again? I now have 420 XP.

btw I didn't do any yesterday on the Sabbath so the 150XP is all today! :-) I'm not lying because I am a Christian too!

Cool! I'm a Christian too. Where are you from?

I am a Christian 12 year old homeschooler! We are so alike! Sorry because this is a public discussion I'm not going to tell where I live.

I believe so, let me update the leaderboard one last time tonight, and then i'll know. that was crazy!

no, i'm very sorry, but AMP2004 swooped in and got 1000 more XPs, so he won but you got 2nd! here are your 30 lingots

have you done any duolingo yet today? this is very important, so please get back quickly

no, thanks for the contest though :D!

okay thanks, and nice getting 2nd!

I believe so. he got like 1000 XP last night... sorry. I thought that you were going to win, but oh well :) mebbe i'll make another one soon. let u know if I do

Can I please join. Donated a couple of lingots.☺

its over its the 24th of April. I forgot bout this so thats why i got 100XP ;-;AMP2004 wins 1st place, FantF wins 2nd place.., and cwpotter wins 3rd. Good Job peoplez..

actually, AMP2004 got 1st, FantF got 2nd, and I got 3rd, but I didn't count so cwpotter got 3rd

Oh! can I join. I have never done this, but it seems fun!

Yes it is! Great to have you.

Join! It will be fun!

Sure! That would be a great idea!

I know it starts today but can I join?

Can you update the leaderboard?

I'm getting a lot of people asking, I'll try to do it today but right now i'm doing school

Can you update the leaderboard please?

I ♡ your profile picture. It's so cute ☺

I know this is tottley out of the question but what's with your XP you have like 5 XP

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