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Made It To The Second Checkpoint In Swahili - My Views On The Course So Far

Today I made it to the second checkpoint on in the Swahili course. I'm really exited that I made it this far and hope I can make it to the halfway point soon. I am loving the course so far. I can't wait until it is out of beta and am especially exited for when it has the option to chat with a bot.

Some lessons were hard. The last couple before I finished the checkpoint were the most difficult. Mainly Present 3 and Animals. I'm was up for the challenge though and am somewhat strong in those sections. Before I start another lesson, I definitely need to review first. I want to become very strong in all the categories before I take on something new.

I'm really nervous for the third group of lessons though! The second group took longer than I wanted and only contained 13 sections while the third group contains 19. I'm not sure how well I'll get through those but I'll try not to give up.

Ninapenda Kiswahili na ninafurahi ni hapa Duolingo. By the end of the course I hope to be B1 in Swahili. Let me also put out there that I am so happy it teaches us "konokono"!!!

Ninapenda - I love / Kiswahili - Swahili / Na - And / Ninafurahi - I am happy / Ni - It is / Hapa - Here / Konokono - Snails /

April 16, 2017



Please note, further in the course the English currently gets quite dodgy. Due to a number of reasons, including the Swahili team being busy with Peace Corps stuff, the way fixes are made, etc, it might be some time before they are tidied up.

Don't forget to report errors as you go, and keep enjoying it.


OK, thanks. I'm quite a ways into the course, and I am literally correcting every other hint and dictionary hover. They are either wrong, give the wrong declension, or completely missing altogether. It's getting pretty frustrating. I actually have to look up a bunch of words in a dictionary, because no hint is given. This really slows down learning!


Yes, I've seen that and it does get really annoying!! I hope it doesn't lower my motivation and bahati njema na Kiwahili yako!!

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