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Problems with offline practice

The offline practice has always been more strict about what translations it accepts than the internet application; however, it seems to have suddenly ramped up to a ridiculous level. This morning I was trying to practice my french on the tube and every single answer was marked wrong, for such things as translating "piscine" as "pool" instead of "swimming pool", or translating "ce" as "this" instead of "that" (a translation that is usually accepted), or even translating "bien que" as "even though" instead of simply "though". Has anyone else noticed this? Is it just that as you get higher up the skill tree there are fewer translations available offline? Why would that be?

March 15, 2014

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This might be are error in what is accepted. I'll have our team take a closer look at a few of the examples you mentioned. Could you screenshot the next time you find an issue, so that we can look up the exact sentence you're reporting? Thank you!

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