"These are not words."

Translation:Ce ne sont pas des mots.

February 28, 2013

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Ok, I'm confused. I thought the indefinite article ("des" mots) in a negative structure changed to "de". as per this explanation: http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/de-vs-du-de-la-des_2.htm


Read under exception 4.a - here, the negated verb is "sont" (a conjugation of "être")


Why is it not "ces ne sont pas"


"Ces" only works as a determiner, ie you need a noun (in the plural in this case) following it. It can't stand alone. "Ce" can be both a determiner for singular masculine nouns and a pronoun (which can stand alone).


Ceux ne sont pas des mots was counted wrong. I'm a little fuzzy on the use of the plural "ce"


If there's a verb following it you usually use ça, but for être you always use ce. Never use the others AFAIK (cela, ceux, celles-ci etc.).


A really old discussion but I'm still confused as to why the answer is Ce ne sont, rather than Ces ne sont. Under what circumstances is "ce" used to indicate the plural "these" or "those"?

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