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Tinycards Affects Duolingo?

G'day everyone,

I was just wondering whether the activities you do on Tinycards affects anything here on Duolingo? See, I click on "practice" to have Duolingo give me some random things to study, but recently it has been giving me all the stuff from the basics lessons, which I don't really need to be practicing as much as some of the harder things down the tree.

Now it just so happens that I downloaded Tinycards yesterday and decided to start from the top down in the Swedish tree that I'm doing, i.e. I started the flashcards from the basics sections. Is the stuff that you practice on Tinycards "transferred" in some way to the practice section on Duolingo or is that just some kind of coincidence?


April 17, 2017



I use Tinycards together with my courses and didn't notice them to affect the actual course.


Okay no worries, cheers.


is it the same as Memrise?


Similar kind of idea as far as I know. Tinycards is actually very interesting though because despite being made by a language-learning website, anyone can upload flashcards about any topic they like. I'm using it for my Swedish and for remembering some integrals in maths haha.


I don't think it is.


No connection, both are independent.

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