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"My friend has read all these books."

Translation:Мій друг прочитав всі ці книги.

April 17, 2017



взагалі то всі відповіді мають бути правильні: "Моя подруга прочитала усі ці книга" + "Мій друг прочитав всі ці книги" + "Моя подруга прочитала всі ці книги"


Моя подруга прочитала всі ці книги should have been also correct


"Мій друг прочитав всі ці книжки." should also be accepted. It is corrrect. It was marked 'wrong'.... 'книжка' is another Ukrainian word for 'book'. A 'книга' we use to define a 'large book' or a 'book of importance'. Such as "Він перечитав цілу 'Велесову Книгу'."


Again, 'книжки' was marked as 'wrong'! WHY???


What is the difference between прочитав і зачитав?


прочитав is a finished task for large pice of text (a whole book, for example), but зачитав - uses for short pices of text like poems or separate paragraphs taken for a larger text.

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