I phoned

I would like to query something that came up in a (non-timed) practice.

The question was - Translate "I phoned".

I answered "Ffoniais i", and got marked wrong and told the correct answer is "Ffonias". When I looked at the hints and tips for "Past tense 3" it listed the answer I gave as the correct translation.

April 17, 2017

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There is no logical reason for this error, all the 5 questions in the course have 'ffoniais I......" etc.

There are two correct answers listed for this particular translation :- Ffoniais I (South Wales version) and Mi wnes i ffonio (North Wales version), ie both have the necessary pronoun.

If you come across this again can you do a screen capture so we can take it up with the Duolingo staff.

Did you report the wrong answer or discuss the sentence?

No - it only really clicked that I was sure I had got it right after I had moved on.

Having checked the pop-up hints, there was an entry giving ffoniais for 'I phoned'. It may be that the test had somehow picked that instead of the answers in the database.

However, dropping the pronoun i in this pattern would only be usual in more formal Welsh than is taught on this course, so that hint has now been deleted.

Let us know if the problem persists.

The taught versions on Duo are:

  • Ffoniais i
  • Mi wnes i ffonio

These additional forms are also accepted but not taught:

  • Fe wnes i ffonio
  • Gwnes i ffonio
  • Wnes i ffonio

You're (completely understandably) seeing what you expect to see, not quite what I actually put - one of the perils of proofreading too.

The answer it told me was correct was "ffonias" with only one 'i' in the word, not "ffoniais".

There was definitely no ffonias anywhere that I could see in the current database or pop-ups. It may perhaps have been an early typo or dialect variant that has somehow been hanging around after being deleted. Certainly in some dialects it would be pronounced /ffonias/, but we don't include variants like that in the version of the course that went live.

I'll keep my eyes out for it, and snap a screen shot if I or my wife see it, but I guess you're probably right - I've seen a few comments (here and in other places) about left-over not-quite-deleted words.

I found this same translation, 'Ffonias' for 'I phoned', in lesson 1 of the skill PastTense3. There, it is one of those 'click the right pic' questions, together with teledu and darllenais.

I reported it at the sentence discussion too.

Thanks. Found it now and corrected it. For some reason, answers to picture prompts do not show up in a search of the database.

Good to see I haven't completely taken leave of my senses!

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