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Swahili Resources

If you are looking into learning Swahili, this article mentions some great resources on the language. https://matadornetwork.com/abroad/4-easy-foreign-languages/ If you have any other resources on the language, I'd love to hear them!

April 17, 2017



A good dictionary for examples in use is https://glosbe.com/sw/en

If you scroll down, there's entries from a translation database. It even works for words and phrases that aren't in the dictionary itself.

Most of the translations come from jw.org, an organisation I have very mixed feelings about, but their monthly magazine Watchtower is translated into as many languages as they can and there are a wide range of topics - even though the content is often incorrect, I trust them to have a very high standard of translation. You'll be able to find out how to say just about anything in Swahili aside from highly technical vocabulary for specific fields or taboo language. There is another website that often has political and activist stuff that fills a few of the gaps that the JWs don't cover.

It might not be easy to navigate for absolute beginners though - often, what you're looking for won't be highlighted and might be hidden in amongst a bunch of words that you don't know, but once you start to understand a fair bit, it starts to get easier.


I've been looking for a Swahili dictionary but never found one I really liked, thanks!


You're welcome! I also use the Kamusi Project dictionary. The site seems to be down, but you can still find a PDF of English to Swahili and another one of Swahili to English. I use that and search through the text. Converting it to PDF apparently deleted all the formatting, but it's still useful, basically always lists the plural forms of nouns as well and gives you the word class.

I'll post a link to it when it's convenient - I'm on my phone nowm


I use http://www.africanlanguages.com/swahili/ It's especially handy in that it mentions the word's noun class and plural, and it has a neat little noun class mini-reference.

I've been working on a website to help me memorise vocabulary; it's in (very) early stages, but I added the vocabulary for some of the Duolingo Swahili course as well: http://brainr.eu/course/8 (No need to register).

There are other Swahili vocabulary lists on there, but for now those words only have Dutch translations..


Thank you for this link! =D


Finding Swahili resources is difficult. My local library has practically nothing and finding good sites to help learn Swahili is difficult. That's why I'm so relieved Duolingo has a Swahili course. You can improve your Swahili reading comprehension with the Swahili language Wikipedia

Language Transfer also has a Swahili course:
Language Transfer- Complete Swahili

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