i finally got to my 100 day streak! I know there are some of you who have over 2,000 day streaks, but this is a big milestone for me! Can't wait to get to 200!

April 17, 2017


I'm over halfway to 100!

Good job, I'm far behind, but still working hard.

Yay!! Congratulations <3

Yay you! ฅ^•ㅅ•^ฅ

I have an 141 streak on my other account

2000 day streaks?

They didn't have the feature in the early days, so even though Duolingo was founded 2011, there hasn't been enough time. The longest I have head of is 1560.

Awesome! Keep up the great work :)

Great Job!! Good luck on getting to 200! :D

Congrats, and yay U!
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Good work!

You started with a 1 on your streak tracker. Tell us about your journey getting to 100? :D

Well done! Keep it up!

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