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Losing the streak.

So... If you ever lost your streak comment below how high you were or approximately if you don't remember. I would like to see the highest person because they will get lingots because I feel bad. My brother lost his streak recently at 110 days, he quit Duolingo and had a meltdown too, his username is thomaselovespop. Don't bother trying to give him lingots or saying nice things on his profile, because, like I said, he quit Duolingo.

April 17, 2017



You can find at least some of the information you're looking for here: Streak Hall of Fame. There's a list of lost streaks towards the bottom the page.


My highest was 147 days. I lost it unfairly, too; I logged in at 11:45 pm to do my lesson (got home late) and it said I had already lost it :(


That is sad, I saw your streak before you lost it and you were an inspiration to me.


I just got my 100 day streak today, and I have to admit that it is pretty cool to keep a long streak, but I don't think anyone has ever joined just to have a good streak. The goal is learning a new language and being able to have a simple conversation with a native is much cooler than any streak! After all, you can't keep your streak forever (and it would be pointless to), but you can remember the language for all of your life :)


Your brother should learn that streaks aren't the main priority and they are only used to show off most of the times. If he really had a meltdown because of that, you and/or your parents should probably teach him how to control his emotions and stop being so anxious for showing off. Not sure how old is your brother (normally these kind of stuff happen to people under 13 years old), but the sooner you and your family teach him to control himself, the lesser he will have meltdowns in his life.

At least we can say he didn't really care about learning languages, hope his mind changes and returns here, just focusing on what actually matters.


My brother is under 10.


I lost a streak of 265 days when I first started duolingo on my alternate account.


How convenient! ;D


That is REALLY sad, I had a one day streak before and that was the highest when I started, I didn't even know what a streak was!


Just lost my 81 day streak three days ago. It sucks but it isn't like I lost progress on my Tree. I feel like that is really the important thing to keep in mind.


That's sad. Good luck on your streak. My highest was only thirty.


30 is better then 110.


That's true, but the reason I lost it is because I started getting lazy and not doing it often.


My highest streak that I lost was 44 days. It was my first streak too.


That's not good either.


Mine is really low, I lost a streak of 32 days


Well it's gonna stink when you lose the streak you have now.


Well, that still isn't good.


Duolingo should allow users to buy an extra day or two even if it cost more. It would help get through a weekend for example.


But then if we can keep our streaks without practising every day, the streak becomes less meaningful.


We wouldn't really learn because we could just buy like a 40 day streak freeze and not even go on Duolingo.

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