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  5. "Lượt của tôi"

"Lượt của tôi"

Translation:My turn

April 17, 2017



Shouldn't "thớ" be in front of the sentence. It doesn't make much sense as the word also means hair comb.


Were you commenting on the wrong sentence? I find "thớ" make no sense here. Do you mean "tới": "Tới lượt của tôi"? Yes, but that means "It's my turn", which is not always the same as "my turn".


That's true. In terms of context, this sentence can be translated to "my comb" rather than "my turn". Adding "Tới" would change the context of the sentence to only mean "It's my turn".


Oh I see where you are confused. The word for hair comb is "lược", not "lượt". Probably you learned this from a Southerner who has problem with this orthographic error (or confused you with his pronunciation).


Đến lượt của tôi. How does that sounds.

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