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Introducing Duolingo Plus

Several months ago, I posted a discussion about the state of monetization at Duolingo. At the time, I noted that you would begin to see a number of experiments to increase revenue in order to uphold our mission of providing free language education to the world. So far, we’ve been experimenting with ads and optional in-app purchases designed to make learning more fun while keeping the content free for everyone.

Today, we are introducing Duolingo Plus to some users on Android. Duolingo Plus is a monthly subscription option that removes ads and lets you download lessons for offline use. Subscribers will help keep language education free for millions of people around the world. We eventually plan to offer Duolingo Plus as an option for iOS as well*.

We decided to introduce Duolingo Plus in response to many user requests for offline usage and an ad-free experience on Duolingo. Being able to download lessons is particularly appealing to those learning a new language for travel purposes who want to practice while flying or without a stable Wi-Fi connection. It is also useful for underground commuters who play Duolingo on their way to work or school.

This is the next step toward making Duolingo fully self-sustaining so that we can continue to grow and provide accessible education opportunities for millions.

Thank you for all of your support!

--Luis (CEO of Duolingo)

Update Aug. 2017: Duolingo Plus is now available on iOS as well!

April 17, 2017



Hello Luis! First of all, I'd like to express my complete gratitude for you and your team creating Duolingo :)

Don't get me wrong, I am all for Duolingo Plus as a way of maintaining Duolingo's existence in the post-Immersion-era, but I have one question: I noticed on Facebook recently that there was a post saying we would get to learn about lots of new "characters" this week - is this new development related to that or is there another surprise that hasn't surfaced yet?


I love DuoLingo, but at the prices I'm seeing, it's absolutely not worth it just to remove ads. Now, if we got Immersion back for subscribing...


I am a new Duolingo learner. What was Immersion? What did you use it for and like about it?


When you ended translations you noted that if translations were you primary source of income you would become a translation company and not what you wanted to be. I hope you keep in mind what you want to be, and not just a hook to get people to Duolingo plus.


Barely anyone used immersion, hence why they stopped marketing it.


I'm all in agreement with you on your other comments, but on this one I have to add a few points: • "Barely anyone used immersion" - percentage-wise, that's true, but that still amounts to many thousands who used immersion. • "they stopped marketing it" – I don't think immersion was marketed at all (and maybe it should have been promoted so more learners became involved with immersion, if that was a goal?). • "why they stopped" - I read that there was a implementation of new website architecture, basically a major engineering task, and to include immersion in this would have been very work-intensive and expensive, so Luis decided not to transfer immersion to the new website architecture.


I believe Immersion began it's way out the door once it became clear that EU labor laws made it so citizens of the EU couldn't use Immersion. Instead of a means to generate money to keep Duolingo free, it became a liability.


Immersion was, actually promoted internally for a while. Once I reached roughly level 6, every time I finished a section (maybe even every time I finished a lesson), the system would tell me what percentage of a text I could supposedly read and recommend an Immersion article (generally something that was not at all to my tastes.) This was about two years ago.


I remember those, and that they started coming way too early in the tree, when one was nowhere near good enough to start translating (in my opinion).


Yeah. I've been doing Spanish as review, so I was only moderately, rather than outrageously, unprepared for Immersion, but I thought it was unrealistically early for someone who was just starting.


I find it interesting this point hasn't cropped up with regards to all these wonderful language trees... constructed by volunteers in the EU, which you can now explicitly pay to use on Android!

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But if by design, it wouldn't be the first company to use a Tom Sawyer-like "Free Labor Strategy" either!


Also, charging for user-sourced translation started looking pretty shaky once it became clear how good machine translation was going to get.


The largest progress in machine translation has really only come about in the last year or so, which is well after Immersion had been dropped as a potential revenue source.


Sure, but I wasn't talking about vague speculation. I was talking about academic papers which have been published on the subject as the field has developed.

N.B. - I'm not claiming to have read those papers - I just saw the occasional report on Slashdot every now and then over the past few years.

...and yes, another way of saying the Academia tends to run ahead of business, is to say that it takes a while for new ideas to be put into practise.


@Delta1212: That's when the most dramatic change to Google Translate took place, but there's been plenty of discussion of it over the last few years in academic circles.


Sure, but there is certainly a difference between discussion and tangible results. I've certainly been interested in how well certain things with neural networks would perform with machine translation since before Google Translate released that update, but until people started actually building those networks, most of what was under discussion was fairly speculative.

Grounded speculation, to be sure, or nobody would have gone ahead and put out the money to develop it more fully, but still not the kind of thing that many people make critical business decisions on.

Academia tends to run a bit ahead of business in taking things like this seriously.


thanks, I didn't know about that. I can't wrap my head around how labor laws could get in the way of a labor of love (which immersion was...!)


Whether slaves, volunteers or interns, getting paid for the work of unpaid labour is still illegal. The law doesn't make an exception for people enjoying what they are doing.



Back in the day it was simple, CNN and Buzzfeed paid Duolingo for the work of unpaid volunteers. What would the reaction be if your favourite clothing brand used slaves to make their clothes?

You appear not to grasp the (rather important!) distinction between slaves and volunteers. A better analogy would be: rather than buying cheap, poor quality mass-produced clothing (machine translation), or paying a fortune in Savile Row (professional translators), you instead could pay a company an intermediate amount for good (but not flawless) clothes, hand-made by people who really want to learn the art of tailoring and are pleased to have the opportunity to learn and practise this craft on a casual basis without monetary recompense (immersion).


The line can get hazy and EU made it very distinct. I can't see where Duo had the leverage to coerce volunteers but it happens a lot


Same here. I guess, Duolingo getting paid and we weren't?


Back in the day it was simple, CNN and Buzzfeed paid Duolingo for the work of unpaid volunteers. What would the reaction be if your favourite clothing brand used slaves to make their clothes? That probably stopped being a problem when the partnerships ended but like you said, now there's the rewrite. I can understand why a feature with low usage and no profit was not seen as worth the effort.

The courses themselves shouldn't be a problem because they are free to use, so no one is getting paid for the work of those "slaves". Even Duolingo Plus users aren't paying for the content itself.


oui oui je sais


Luis, thank you for providing a method of supporting Duolingo while providing value that I am willing to pay for. I am not interested in paying for a streak freeze - for 2 reasons: I am here to learn and streak freeze is like cheating; I practice when I can and don't when I can't. The ads on iOS are for things I would never use. I previously started a thread (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16075967 ) about features I would pay for. After working on multiple languages, the theme for me is to be able to take control of my learning: - view word lists in all languages, - take personal control of how we learn grammatical gender for nouns - hint: the genders are different among different languages, for example Romance and Germanic languages may have different gender for the same meaning. For native speakers of languages without grammatical gender, this is extra hard and we have to use any method that suits us. I'd like to try color coding. - mark and work on the words I have difficulty with - stop wasting time on words that are in permanent memory - take control of my direction in learning vocabulary - something to do when I have finished a tree - 5000 rather than 2000 words. Now I might add, handwriting writing practice for unfamiliar scripts.

Thank you for Duolingo!


I read your comment, and you are completely right. However, I'd like to say some things to you according to your demands:

  • "view word lists in all languages": it's possible. There is actually a trick that you can use to do so. 1) Select a language in which Word List is available 2) Open a new tab of Duolingo on your browser 3) In this new tab, change DL language to the language you want 4) In the 1st tab, select Word List 5) Tada! Here's your list.
  • "take personal control of how we learn grammatical gender for nouns": I don't understand this point.
  • "mark and work on the words I have difficulty with": That's exactly what the Word List is about
  • "stop wasting time on words that are in permanent memory": How do you know that a word or a structure is in your permanent memory? I don't mean to be derogatory, but this is a common complaint among learners and it annoys me as a teacher. Maybe you're sure that you know something, but as an exterior person, I can't trust you 100%, and sometimes, you think you know and you don't.
  • "take control of my direction in learning vocabulary": Here again, how do you know that your direction is the good one? It makes me think of some of my real life students saying "But, we don't want to learn this kind of word, we prefer that one". Yeah, but at the end, you're supposed to know both. I know that DL's direction is not perfect, but creating a unique direction for every user is not feasible and letting them control the direction is counter-productive.
  • "something to do when I have finished a tree": Revision and practice in real life. We all know that DL doesn't help you get more than an A2 level, but what would you expect to do after finishing the tree if it leads you to a B2 level (or even a C1-C2 level?)
  • "5000 rather than 2000 words": Teams are actively working on this one
  • "handwriting writing practice for unfamiliar scripts": I'm completely with you on this one, and I would also say Latin script from languages which don't use it.


Aminehadji, thanks for the detailed comments and kudos for teaching languages! Here are some clarifications

  • the published trick to coerce a word list for a language that doesn't have one results in a word list that is not as fully featured, for example just the words with no parts of speech (as I recall)

  • taking control of how we learn: we all have different learning styles, for example some learn words by ear, some learn words by reading and some have to hand-write a word. Arguably a bit of each is best. Consider learning styles in the context of assigning an arbitrary (for an English speaker) gender to an inanimate object. We are told to learn the gender of the word by rote when we learn the word. I'd like to be able to download all the nouns with their genders and then do what it takes to make sense of them in my mind. For example, color coding nouns by gender works for some people.

  • permanent memory - I'd be happy if I could just mark these myself, in order to make my learning as efficient as possible. I think the paid level of Memrise has this feature.

  • learning direction - the trees are very narrow and the way that essential grammar is combined with vocabulary creates dependencies. If you are learning a language especially for work, some of the vocabulary topics are just not necessary, and others that are necessary are absent or covered late in the tree. I'd pay to have more vocabulary topics like the bonus topics (usually idioms, Christmas and flirting).

  • I was planning to do more immersion when I finished my first tree. Sadly that was about the same time immersion was removed from Duolingo. Now instead of staying with Duolingo I'm being forced to look outside of Duolingo to continue with that language. If Duolingo had something I could pay for to continue my study of that language, I would do so. For example, uploading my own text, having Duolingo process it for me into new words and known words, pronouncing the new words, etc.

The whole point of this was to brainstorm together about things people might be willing to pay for, that are more useful than streak freeze and adverts. All ideas welcome.


Now I understand your point better! The trick (or the word list in itself) is related to how the course was designed internally. In the first courses (French, German...), the design was very well done, and now they're considered models. Other courses (Hungarian, Dutch, Swedish...) are designed by volunteers. They do an amazing job, but they're not machines. That's why DL doesn't want us to access those lists, they're not completed yet.

As you said, mixing reading, writing, listening & speaking is the best way to learn. I would also add systematic grammar/vocabulary/pronunciation exercises to be more exhaustive. That's how I teach. Unfortunately, DL is a machine and can't do all those things. You can already disable some options that you don't like (speaking or listening), but you can't disable anything for an obvious reason: cheating. You may be well intentioned, but some people use DL as a proof of their level. What if they have disabled almost every kind of exercises and are just tested about basic stuff. As for the color coding. As for the download of the Word List as a spreadsheet, that's a feature that a lot of people asked for years now and I'm part of them. I really think that would be cool if they did it.

When you say "permanent memory", I don't get you. How do you know that something is in your permanent memory? And moreover, how do you expect people, whether it's DL, your teacher or your employer, to be sure that you know something just because you said it?

About "learning direction", this is exactly what I'm complaining about as a teacher. When you go to a class in a school (because DL is an analogy of a school), the lessons are already designed. You can't say "I want to skip this, and do this before that, and I need those lessons quickly..." Of course, with a real teacher, there is more flexibility, but you'll still find these dependencies, whether it's in the grammar and the vocabulary. If you do so, you may end up being able to speak about international politics without being able to go grocery shopping. As for the length of the tree, as I said, teams are actively working on it, there are already many 2.0 Tree (longer and more exhaustive). Paying for more bonus skills is not an option, DL wants to stay free. It would be dishonest if you could have access to better material just because you paid.

Finally, when you say "I'm being forced to look outside of Duolingo to continue with that language" I can't help, but smile. That's exactly what happens with every study subject. Sooner or later, you'll find that your teacher (virtual or real) has taught all he knew and you'll have to look outside of the box to continue. I know that DL doesn't go further than an A2 level (Elementary level). But guess what, I went to a Spanish Institute and studied until the C1 level (Advanced), now I'm able to speak, read, write,... but my Spanish is still not perfect. I'm being forced to look outside of this Institute to continue with that language. Am I disappointed? Not at all. Is it a bad thing? I don't think so. The brainstorming is a good idea, we just have to understand that some ideas are not feasible. Btw, about processing texts, I had the same idea in fact, but I encountered many difficulties: Who will process your text? A machine can't do that yet and it's too much work for volunteers. Maybe it could be a paid feature, where the corrector earn a percentage of what you paid. But then, how to know if someone can correct a text? Other ideas would be systematic grammar and vocabulary exercises. For instance, a bunch of sentences when you just have to conjugate the verbs in the right tense, or other sentences where you have to chose between savoir and connaître or ser and estar. We could also have reading comprehension exercises. Instead of a unique sentence, we could have a complete text, with MCQ questions about the text. Pronunciation is unfortunately very difficult to teach with a machine, and the only way I found to do so was doing the same as writing: uploading your voice and getting feedbacks. However, we could have some listening exercises about phonetics pattern in a language (e.g. hearing a word and selecting which one you heard from a minimal pair: beat & bit, the & tea...).


Hi AmineHadji I understand the reason for the word lists not being available in the volunteer languages. It's something I'd pay for, or I'd volunteer to do whatever it takes myself - it's probably a rote task that could be done with MS Office - but volunteering is not allowed for learners.

I'm doing Duolingo for nobody but myself. I know what's in my permanent memory. All the way through the German tree for example, I'm doing exercises with permanent memory words such as Frau and Apfel and Hund and Katze. The exercises could get much more traction if they swapped out permanent memory words for other words. For example, I could go into the word list and uncheck a checkbox to take the word out of the exercises. Currently it's like weight lifting when somebody keeps switching the weights for marshmallows behind your back.

On the "looking outside of Duolingo" topic, you used to be able to do immersion, now you can't. With Immersion, somebody had asked Duolingo to get an article translated, and Duolingo put it on the immersion site, with the usual Duolingo features such as clicking on a word to see a one-word translation. You then had to use your knowledge of the grammar and word order to translate the sentence. That's what I'm calling "processing" a text that I would upload in order to use Duolingo's features to translate a text and learn new vocab while doing so. Instead I'm looking at replicating the whole workflow in Excel like I used to do before Duolingo.

I'd like to have some ordered grammar exercises for languages that need it. Testing in random order is valid, but learning in random order is inefficient.

Another thing I found recently regarding speech recognition. If you turn on the keyboard for the language in an iOS device, then tap the microphone, you can speak the answer in the target language, and even without native born phonemes, your iOS device may well recognize it. This gets you in the habit of speaking rather than entering via keyboard, which seems to help. Hopefully the same is possible in Android.


(Why is it I write in paragraphs and both Safari and Chrome ignore the paragraphs?)

Did you respect Markdown formatting, the one used on Duo forums?


(Why is it I write in paragraphs and both Safari and Chrome ignore the paragraphs?)


Aminehadji, what a great comment! I have a feeling you are a very good teacher!


Ok, do what you want with the mobile versions. The mobile versions are for convenience and portability, so this makes sense. Also, the mobile versions are not as in depth as the website version, so I only use them for "entertainment" when I am in a waiting room or something or for quick and easy review.

But please do not change the web versions. I need the activity streams to keep up to date as what the contributors are posting on discussions. The discussions are where the serious learning takes place. (after you sort through the irreverent chat)

Also since you are not paying your contributors and moderators ( I think Duo is not ) it is a bit unethical for Duo to gain ad revenue or subscription revenue from ALL the courses. You need to maintain the web version with all the features for free.

In addition, I think you do not put advertisements on the Beta versions of languages and the first couple of years out of Beta, so the less developed language courses can improve their quality before being put into the revenue stream. There is quite a bit of disparity between the quality of the courses in different languages. Ads could hurt the development of new or less popular languages. Since there are fewer "Duo learners" of these languages in the first place it would not make a big difference in the revenue stream.

Also if you were to use some of new the revenue on paying Duo contributors and moderators (especially the ones that manually add additional correct translations input from the REPORT button) I think that would improve the quality of Duo without adding fancy bells and whistles.

And finally, the biggest improvement you could make is to improve the audio quality of the virtual female speaker. Maybe a high def audio option? I would probably not pay for ad removal or downloadable lessons. There are other options that are better for paid content. However better audio I would pay for. This is why I need to use other sources in the first place.


So is that why I haven't been noticing ads?


I never pay to remove annoyances. Give me Immersion back (and moderate it better) and you have my $120/year.


£10 for an app without ads, yes without a second's hesitation! £10/year? Sure! £10/month? You've got to be kidding me...

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Offline availability sounds like a good idea, I will definitely consider subscribing a month or two prior to boarding long and boring flights, during which offline Duolingo would be my salvation.

However, the ”killer feature” that would make me pay a monthly subscription for Duolingo Plus would be the option to customize the types of exercises we get. In particular, a way to increase (even up to 100%!) the number of typing exercises asking for translations into the target language.


This is a great idea. I have a couple of questions about the offer.

1) Does practicing offline allow people to maintain their streak when they are back online?

2) Are users allowed to upgrade to Duolingo Plus then downgrade to the free service at a later date? For example, if someone only wanted to buy a month for use during a trip then wanted to go back to the original free version.


Exactly my questions!

Plus I won't be using the Android app much as long as it does not allow me to use the microphone...


can you make ad-free subscription prices differ from one country to the other because 190 EGP per month is too much in Egypt. That's about half a week salary for an average worker. I consider Netflix to be expensive and it costs 145 EGP; 45 pounds less than an ad-free subscription in duolingo


Nice, sounds great, but is there a way of having a 'pay-once' fee to have the offline usage, it's just I hate subscriptions :(


Phew. I was worried there would be some kind of terrible pay-to-win system implemented, but this is actually better than what Memrise has.

I don't think it's likely, but if you could bring the offline downloads to desktop, I'd gladly subscribe.



Do you have to buy it, does it cost money or does it just cost money to buy stuff like Lingot and things like that?


For Duolingo the core " mission of providing free language education to the world" remains the same ( Quote from Luis - as reiterated above. ).
"Today, we are introducing Duolingo Plus to some users on Android. Duolingo Plus is a monthly subscription option that removes ads and lets you download lessons for offline use. Subscribers will help keep language education free for millions of people around the world. We eventually plan to offer Duolingo Plus as an option for iOS as well."

So Duolingo will continue to provide access to language education for you to access for free.


How do you cancel a subscription to plus without deactivating your account?


Since this will help DuoLingo financially, does that mean that you guys will be able to afford keeping the activity feature. I'm anxious because I want my activity back(I was A/B tested)


Sorry to disappoint you, but marketing doesn't work that way. (I could elaborate if you want)


Okay, let's start. The purpose of DuoLingo as a company is making money. I don't say this as a bad thing, it's the purpose of every company. Even though I believe that Luis and his coworkers want us to learn languages, they also need to eat, live and maintain DL which costs a lot.

DuoLingo Plus is a way to get this money, but it doesn't mean that DuoLingo will get improvements. Well, it will get improvements, but only those that are able to make DL makes more money. That's the whole point of A/B testing.

In order to be clearer, let's say that DL+ exists and the Activity stream is still A/B tested. We would have 4 types of DL users (normal users w/Activity (A)- DL+ users w/ Activity (B)- normal users w/out Activity (C)- DL+ users w/out Activity (D)). We could sum up this in a table and do statistics. Now, 2 values will be important for DL: B/(A + B) & D/(C + D). These two values represent the percentage of DL+ users according to whether they have Activity or not. If the first value is the higher, it means that when you have Activity, you are more inclined to get DL+. If on the opposite, the second value is the higher, it means that when you have Activity, you are less inclined to get DL+. If the two values are more or less the same, it means that Activity and DL+ aren't correlated.

Now, DuoLingo will keep definitely Activity only if they see that it helps them get more people in DL+, otherwise, it would be completely useless for them to spend money on a feature that don't help them get more money.


I see what your saying


thanks for enlightening me


Luis, before making Duolingo Plus available for iOS users, please make the bots available for Android users too!


This is a great step! But there is more, stronger updates I would like to see! C:

What I Would Like To See: More store functions with the "gem" virtual, unreal curency. I would absolutely love a profile page, my own personal character, a place to present and collect awards in the form of achievments/ virtual trophies, and a way to connect to others and their profiles. This would add more diversity to the game, keeping it even more interesting and keeping people coming back at an even greater rate! This would tie in very well with the club feature, as people can connect, as well as the gem feature, as character and profile additions can be purchased.

I would be so greatful for an update like this, and would definitely be willing to pay. The current use of gems and the "Health" system does not pull my interest to pay, nor watch ads. The alternative use of gems suggested would draw more interest towards purchasing gems, or maybe even have another currency that can only be purchased and allow for items that can only be purchased by that alternative currency. Most definitely I would be interested, especially with my interest in supporting this application. Another way to assure the success of these features would be to pay for a full version, unlocking the profiles, characters, etc.

Please consider these additions, I would be so greatful to see them!

Thank you for Duolingo!


I really liked how Duolingo was prior to these new "experiments". Everything was available to everyone and there weren't special things you could unlock with money. Everyone had the same opportunities to learn. Now Duo is slowly turning into one of those apps or games where you need to pay to have the best and most fulfilling experience on the app. There are ads popping up in every corner and enrichment is gone. I fully acknowledge the effort that the team have put in for the app but I think they're focusing on the wrong things to be honest.


It costs Duolingo $45,000 a day to continue existing (paying for servers, staff, etc). Duolingo is trying to find a way to cover those costs.


...but you also have to know that Duolingo has to find ways to gather some money in order to exist. Yes, there weren't any features like that back in the days, sure, but Duolingo has never reached a positive ROI so far. Bills need to be paid. We could discuss about the way Duolingo introduces Duolingo Plus or about the price you have to pay for that, but it's mandatory to introduce it.

And one more comment about "Everyone had the same opportunities to learn." - The Duolingo app has never been at the same level for the desktop, iOs, Android and Windows Phone versions. But is has been free for everybody - and this won't change! So even if you see some ads now, you still have almost the same opportunities to learn than another person who pays for Duolingo Plus. The only difference is that Duolingo Plus users can download skills or lessons in order to learn offline, which is really nice, but apart from that, everybody has almost the same opportunities to learn.


I really liked how Duolingo was prior to these new "experiments".

So I fear you liked Duolingo during the period of time when it didn't exist. ;)
Indeed, Duolingo has always (since its first day) used A/B test to evaluate new features they created (and also re-evaluate features here for long).
Those "experiments" are not at all new. It's just that most of the time (and for most of the A/B tests), one is just not aware about them. For example, there are currently more than 450 A/B tests running but, using Duolingo, one will only notice a few ones. And the less they're noticed, the better as it avoids any bias in the users behaviour hence any bias in the results.


Finally, Android got something first lol.


This seems to go against the 100% free part of Duolingo and in complete opposition to the universally accessable part of Duolingo's manifesto.

Not everyone has access to Internet.

And those who do not have access to the internet would likely be the ones to most benefit from Duolingo and its mission.

I do not think Duolingo should be monetizing on the core aspect of having access to learning language.

I think it would be more in line to offer paid content in regards to some sort of social media or superfluous content that has nothing to do with actual learning.

Please make the ability to download lessons offline accessable to everyone so we can all have equal access to education.


I'm totally with AureliaUK and hughcparker on this one. I also was impatiently waiting to contribute as I understand that Duolingo is a great product, and I wanted to pay back. But it's too much for me. I think since Duolingo's mission is to connect the world through the language the team understands that the world is very diverse and various countries can differ drastically in many things, including economy. For example in Russian and Ukrain 10 pounds per month is a huge sum. Why not allow people contribute in the way they can? Like a donation that they can choose?


Thanks for the update, Luis. I hope this new feature helps keep Duolingo sustainable.

One recommendation I have is that you remove the paid Streak Repair option. It seems like a least once a day there is someone on the forums who is upset about losing their streak though they practiced and made their goal, usually because of connectivity issues with the servers.

The paid Streak Repair offer in these circumstances is seen as extortion by some of those people because they don't understand the need for each day's progress to be registered on the server.

Another improvement that would help is to send a notification when a Streak Freeze is used.



Streak Repair is a good thing, maybe you haven't noticed, but complains have been reduced a lot since it was introduced and helps people stay motivated. What do you think it's better, lose 1315 days of work and start over, or pay a few bucks to restore it, which also helps the site?


As you may know, I look after the weekly Streak Hall of Fame. The current version is here:


I mention that because, as a result, I'm more aware of streak issues than most. I haven't seen a reduction in complaints about lost streaks and I check the Duolingo, Troubleshooting and Spanish forums at least once a day. How do you quantify your "complaints have been reduced a lot" comment?

Even if it is true that they have been reduced, how do you know it is because of Streak Repair? Recent updates to the Android app have improved the reliability of the flame notification indicating that one's streak has been updated.


Cleeent, that's a great idea, to have a notification when you use a streakfreeze! Also, you do an amazing job with the Streak Hall of Fame!


While I can't give numbers, I can give my impression that streak loss complaints in the forums have gone down.


There were many people complaining about losing big streaks, now there are only a few from time to time. It's working because it's a positive option. If you take that away, people can only start over with disappointment or simply rage quit Duolingo all together, as lost streaks will continue to happen anyway. And don't forget the word "option", you can always refuse it, no one is forcing you to use it, so you can't really call it "extortion".


I generally still see one or more a day, and that is not a decrease in my experience. Certainly not from many to only a few from time to time . They often get down-voted into oblivion so maybe you don't see them.

I didn't call it extortion. I pointed out that some people have seen it as extortion. And, in any case, paying extortion is optional too ;)


What do you mean "lose 1315 days of work"? You don't lose anything but a number on top of a screen. You don't have to start over in any way whatsoever.

The site has bugs and then there are time zone issues. Most of the times users complain that they did the work but lost the streak anyway. Therefore, now it looks like extortion if they have to pay to get it back.


1315 is about 3 years of doing Duolingo Every. Single. Day. Many people are proud of their achievements and staying consistent with learning a language. Please do not minimize this.


I don't think anyone is trying to minimize anything, but if you've actually put in the work for 3 years every single day, especially if that's only focused on one or two languages, the bigger accomplishment should be your proficiency with that language.

yes, streaks, and the number that represent them, are huge motivators for a vast number of users. I've certainly fallen victim on -multiple- occasions of having a good streak going, then forgetting to Duo one day (or remembering, but falling asleep at 1130PM and waking up just past midnight), and then deciding not to get on for a while. In fact, the only lessons I've done in months is one or two for Swahili when it came out... ...but, the point of maintaining a streak is a higher goal than the number itself.


When I had a year’s streak, I deliberately let it go because I realised I was valuing it too highly.


I agree with MaryBlakely, the only folks that could possibly feel like losing a 1315 day streak isn't a big deal are folks that have never lost a 1315 day streak. I'd be incredibly upset by that especially if it wasn't my fault, of course . I've seen some folks say that they lost streaks due to server-side issues, and I understand that rage. I feel like I've been killing it to get to 134 days and I'd be sick if I lost it, but in comparison to 1315, it's a drop in the bucket.


Well, I've lost my 1128-day streak last November and didn't care much. But if somebody does care about it and loses it because of a bug, then I guess that they can be furious and feel betrayed.


I have to say, I too agree with Mary Blakely. I'm on a 1129 day streak and would be truly gutted if I lost it. I'm living in Spain now and successfully speaking the language, well I wouldn't say grammatically perfect by any means. I understand that we are learning for free on this site and appreciate that duolingo must sustain itself, BUT, Id be furious to think I would have to pay for a streak fix if I lost it in this manner. Having a big streak certainly is a good motivator, however so is meeting and being able to communicate abroad. Thank you Duolingo and Good Luck All Keep up the hard work Gav .....


Thanks for the support, Knox_1906.


I TOTALLY agree with you take my lingots :)


I have to say I agree with LanguageButcher. And, at the end of the day, this site is a Free Learning Site and those who have issues, or don't like it, go and buy yourself a Rosetta Stone program or a Spanish book and stop whingeing and moaning about something that's given to you for free........


I understand it's free. I thought their main goal was to translate webpages and books with the help of millions around the world using their app.

Now there's advertisements, and you can pay a monthly subscription to enhance your learning... That makes it the same as any other language learning package.

The initial plan was to keep it free, and we'd pay by using our time for the translation side.


The translation side was removed a while ago. It was called "Immersion". EU copyright laws and widespread abuse/bad translations to cyberbully legitimate user translations and so on all contributed to ending the feature. So, Duolingo had to find another way to keep it's courses available for free. The initial courses are still free. People just have to pay to remove advertisements.

Though, if you are a university student enrolled in a language course that requires Pearson textbooks, Pearson can charge you to take their Duolingo advanced courses. (I'm just the messenger for this last part. This is not me defending it. It was a misstep in my opinion.)


Plus translation turned out not to be particularly profitable.


It's just a number for you, but it's important for other people. What's the point in taking that from them because of a bug or some stupid mistake?


What's the point in taking that from them because of a bug or some stupid mistake?

That's exactly what happens if they don't have $15 (unless it was reduced after the response to that amount?) to throw at a number on the menu bar of an app.


They could just make it free for days when the server has difficulties

In September/October 2015 they reinstated everyone's last streak regardless of when it was lost because there was some problem with the servers and I think they gave a free pass for everyone this year as well. There really haven't been any other times with major problems that I can remember.


They might have given a pass in 2016, I don't remember. But the Amazon crash and streak reinstation was in 2015. This doesn't prove the exact time but you can see it says "a year ago" (meaning 12-24 months ago).


I thought it was October 2016?


What's the point in taking money from them because of a bug or some stupid mistake?


plus 10 days streak= 1 lingot


CommentButcher, it's obvious that ruferales meant you have to start your record over (so that's one way). I was glad to pay to restore my streak when it was $2.99. You didn't mind losing the tally so you didn't. I stopped doing it after a couple of times myself, but I think the tally really helped with ingraining my daily practice. Likening Streak Repair to extortion is pretty over the top.


There is a strange mystique associated with keeping your streak alive! I see it as a bug in human psychology, to which Duolingo has no choice but to accommodate


how do you get a streak repair?


The iOS app should automatically offered you the possibility to buy (with real money) a streak repair the first time you open the app (hence, if it's on your iOS device) after losing your streak.


oh i use the computer


In my case, you don't. I've lost lengthy streaks twice in the last three years. The second time the app offered me a Streak Repair option -- and then gave me the Spinning Wheel of Death option so I never had a chance to use it. :(


I also lost a streak of something over 400 last year. A frustrating experience. Yet I got over it because ultimately I am a grown-up who gets free education on duolingo every single day I choose to come and get it. So in spite of that loss I am simply grateful for the ongoing opportunity.

Having said that, it would still be a nice feature to at least be reminded of the past glory by not just displaying the current streak but also the longest streak of past times. What do you think?


Agreed, I was driving across the country last summer and lost a streak of well over a year. I'm just now coming back to Duolingo because I was so annoyed when I was able to log on, got mixed up with the time zones and found my streak gone and a ransom message to get it back.


Has anyone floated the idea of adding a "% consistency" metric to work in conjunction w/the "streak"?

I.e., (total # days with completed progress) / (# days since joined).

It would provide an equally valuable way for folks to get encouragement. Especially if for some reason (job, accident, etc) one or two days are missed a long streak is lost.

If I miss 2 days over the next 365, I'm still 99%, which over the long haul is notable. A 95% (an "A" in most rating systems) means I can miss ~18 days in the next year.

I have great respect for folks who have long streaks by all means they should be highlighted.

I would appreciate it if Duolingo had a 2ndary metric which I could use to manage against my own goals.

Just a thought from a very happy new Duolingo user.

(Minor edit. "nothing" replaced with "notable".)


Not a bad idea. BTW streak freeze eliminates the "accidental" streak loss. I had lost my streak twice when I ended my lesson at 0:00. There was one time I meant to do it but I was distracted and by the time I was ready to do it it was after midnight, yes occasionally there are more important things in life than a duolingo streak. My suggestion would be to either make the cut off time later i.e. between 2-4 am or even make it user configurable option. I'm sure I'm not the only one who does their lesson before going to bed, as duolingo suggests btw, which is not always before midnight.


I looked for, but can't find an "official" suggestion box. Where could I send/post this idea to get it in front of the right person?

(Edit: found the correct forum & have posted this idea as a feature request.)


Wow, what a great idea! I love that.


You know what I find really annoying? When I am studying late and the streak is removed because I was doing part of the study after 12 am, like just now...

Couldn't the day be set to start just 1 hour later???? If that happened I would have months of streak instead of always having it removed once in a while because I didn't study early enough.


I think the streak thing is a good addition. It's a way to offer people to pay, but not require it. There is no intrinsic benefit to having a streak. There is no actual loss for a person losing a streak. But there is the chance for a person to support DuoLingo easily. Though the notification of when a streak freeze is used would be nice. I sometimes forget entirely whether I've DuoLingo'd today. :D


I prey they do not remove it! I want to be able to reinstate my streak. The streak is what keeps me coming back, even on days I couldn't even be bothered get dressed and I'm just too lazy to be productive, I still do my spanish. I fear if I lose my streak I will lose my drive. Motivation is fleeting, and discipline difficult to sustain EVERY SINGLE DAY, but the streak gives me something to lose if I don't. Plus, I see people like you with legendary streaks, and it's inspiring. Losing my steak costs me money, so I do not lose it.


oui oui je sais


Will Duolingo Plus have more language themes to help me learn another language easier?


Language themes? Elaborate, please.


I think she means ways that would help her learn languages better - kind of like bonus skills.


Duolingo wants to keep all the actual language learning resources free to everyone


So that's what I've been offered for £9.49 per month - almost £114 per year.

Umm, but no. "Wings" membership of Bookcrossing costs around $30 per year for significant enhancements.


I agree. 9.99 a month is way too expensive. I thought is was for a year and was going to gladly pay until I saw it was per month.


What bugs me is you have to pay $50 or $80 to get the discount tiers. I don't want to drop the whole year at once, and the $6.67/month price is discouraging me from wasting money paying $10/month, so I've now backed out of signing up 5 times.


By way of comparison, Memrise Pro is $9 (~£7) per month, or $59 (~£47) per year—and Memrise Pro actually offers additional learning tools, not just no ads.
It's a perfectly good idea, but I certainly think Duolingo is pricing this too high; I'd suggest something under the psychological barrier of £5, and quite possibly £2-£3, might raise more revenue.


And Memrise has sales I just got an offer for about 40% off the annual rate


That's a whole lot of money.

@Luis: Just to save you some time on A/B tests: I've been impatiently waiting for an opportunity to contribute financially to Duolingo, but that's too much. I say that as someone on a salary. I'm pretty sure it's not just AureliaUK and I who think so.

...but this is a good idea. If you took the fee down to the price of an app, a whole lot of people might end up chipping in a whole lot of money.

...but who am I kidding, this is just one person's opinion, and I can't compete with proper data generated by A/B tests at different price points. Let us know the results :)

...but I hereby wager that it'll settle around £2.50 a month :)


That is a lot of money. It's more than Netflix subscription. I wouldn't pay that. Half the amount, maybe. £2.50, as hughcpacker suggested, I would certainly pay. But on a tight budget - working part time minimum wage - I simply cannot justify £9.49 on advert removal.


Many people were asking for a "Donate" button. My understanding is that there are some reasons (probably legal, but maybe some other) why it was never actually added.

Now, this ads-free option is essentially a donation option, as you get almost nothing in return. You just know that you help the site to be sustainable. I donate £20 a month to Wikipedia, so I'm sure there are people wiling to donate £10 a month to Duolingo (though I don't like all those 9.999999 numbers). If it's too much for you then you're by no means forced to do that. Keep using the site for free.

I've spent thousands of hours of my life creating courses here, which are worth much more than £10 a month. Again, not everyone would do that, but we have hundreds of volunteers in the incubator. And you're still welcome to use the site for free. So please have some shame and do not compare Duolingo to those other sites.


It would be cool if we could "give the gift of Duolingo Plus" to others by donating and getting a one person use code that we can give to another person. (Or, however it might work to pay for someone else's "Plus")


In some ways this muddies the water I think. You essentially have comercial business using free labour. I am sure the amount of amazing work that went into developing and mainting all the courses is worth more than £10 a month, and I am very grateful for all the hard work they put in. But I don't suppose any of the volunteers will ever see any money for that work, or expect to. This does colour how much I would pay

I don't suppose it's very comparable, but the best site I have seen for getting the balance right is Ravelry.


Also, even those of us who do not pay for Premium are not exactly using Duolingo for free - we are providing a lot of valuable data.

I'm in no way trying to imply Duolingo are greedy or exploitative, just pointing out that it's not an entirely straightforward relationship. At the end of the day people can only pay what they can afford.


Wikipedia is a not for profit charity, which can only exist on donations. Much as I love it, much as I respect the work of its countless unpaid volunteers, and much as I believe Luis genuinely wants to find a way of giving the world free language education, Duolingo on the other hand (correct me if I'm wrong) was set up as a commercial concern (which is no doubt why it doesn't have a donate button). Unfortunately its original business model (crowd-sourced translation) doesn't seem to have worked, but let's be under no illusions: one day its financial backers (see Wikipedia) are no doubt going to want to see at least some return on their investment, and I'm pretty sure Luis and his team are working hard to see how to monetise it (I think he's on record as saying he expects Duo to break even later this year).

That's fine with me, as is the fact that the Android version I use is now fully ad-supported (i.e. an ad between every lesson). But it does mean (in my book at any rate) that it is perfectly valid to compare Duolingo with other services based on a freemium model, both educationally and financially. I might well pay a reasonable amount for some added-value features in a Premium model, but not this much just for the removal of ads, which don't get in my way much. As for donating, I'd be happy to donate to a charitable foundation, especially if it had real linguistics input, but I'm not sure I really want to "donate" to the future profits of Duo's venture capitalist backers. (But I might have got it all wrong of course).

So, sorry, but I don't take the shame.


Honestly I'm sure there are people like me who are willing to donate like 2-5 euros a month but not more. Donation is donation, calling it "plus" is not honest!


I love the site and appreciate I can use it for free, but I submitted a help ticket a month ago about the microphone not working on my computer version. Never heard a word. From reading comments I see that this is a common problem with your program. Now it isn't working on my smartphone either, so maybe you need to spend some time on making the program work properly so people would be willing to pay.


I have never received an answer to a bug report or request for help with a serious technical issue. Perhaps if Duolingo is planning to charge some users they should consider adding enough customer support that we're not shouting into the void. :}


Can you post a link to your troubleshooting forum post that didn't get a reply?


@ellenkeyne: Duolingo don't offer individual technical support - that's what the Troubleshooting forum is for. The amount of technical expertise in the Troubleshooting forum can be surprising. It's worth posting in troubleshooting when you have an issue like this - often it can be resolved.

The vast majority of Duolingo users buy streak freezes successfully, so it's at least worth considering the possibility that something's gone slightly wrong with your browser, or that your firewall is blocking access to the AWS servers, or something like that.

Why don't you make a post in the Troubleshooting forum, and see if anyone can help? It would only take a minute or two. Besides, what's the worst that could happen?


No. But I do have a copy of the generic "thanks for your message" (Reference code: 677167) I got from support@duolingo.com, after I was offered a paid Streak Freeze four times and got nothing but the Spinning Wheel of Death each time I tried to purchase it. I didn't post a question about that to the forums, because I didn't need help from other users -- I needed help from someone who might possibly be able to fix the bug. :( My detailed bug report and plea for assistance were never acknowledged beyond that autoreply.

(After losing a lengthy streak even though I was willing and able to accept your offer of a paid repair, I kinda lost interest in paid Duolingo services.)


customer support requires hiring/paying someone a salary.


For a site with so many people using it, multiple someones.


But that was only the price to get rid of ads wasn't it? I haven't seen anything about downloading lessons yet, I wonder what they will charge for that option.


able to download lessons and work offline (noted september 2018).


I don't follow how does this tie to the announcement about "characters" last week. Don't get me wrong if I was commuting I'd be very interested but I'm six minutes drive from work


Because this is a different announcement?


The thought crossed my mind. I've had an ad free option for months


a number of experiments to increase revenue

Yeah, I noticed. For me it went from 3€ / month for the "no ads" option to 11€ / month and more aggressive ads.

I know you're not a fan of freemium (extra content that must be paid for), but how are the coercive strategies you're testing atm any better? By increasing the price of the "no ads" feature and more aggressive advertising after people buy it for a first time. Such an action might increase your short term profits but it probably does more damage long term. It's almost like an inverse freemium strategy: "less 'content'" (~extra "content" in a negative way) after people have bought the "no ads" function before. Punishing people for paying is an odd strategy. 11€ / month might be what you think I should be paying, but I'm simply not willing to spend that much (sorry).

The only way to increase the money I'm willing to pay is to increase the value Duolingo has to me. Atm I'm even using my own vocabulary reviewing Excel file because there isn't a way to review vocabulary by typing and even if you'd add one, you'd most likely add one that isn't transparant about how it works and without customization options (it working more or less how I want it to work is important to me). Asking money for extra customization options might be a good way to earn an extra buck.

Looking at the current value of Duolingo to me: do I consider it a vital tool? No. Would I be able to continue without Duolingo? Yes. Do I have cheaper options than the 11€ / month? Yes. Do I consider Duolingo to be a valuable tool? Yes. Does it fully meet my wishes of a Language learning tool? No.

Is Duolingo maximizing it's perceived value to customers? I don't think it does. Atm Duolingo gives very few customization methods (be it by settings or alternatives - like tinycards). I'm expecting that this will again be the case for the upcoming Japanese course (and Mandarin thereafter). While I'd be willing to pay that 11€ / month instantly for a Mandarin course that has the options described here (without the calligraphy thing): https://www.reddit.com/r/duolingo/comments/5pr3sv/i_am_luis_von_ahn_ceo_and_cofounder_of_duolingo/dctf5a2/

but without those options? Nope. I believe that people are more willing to pay for something that is able to do exactly what they want, rather than something that's just good in general but lacks some options or doesn't allow you to tune it to your wishes/needs.


Hello, Luis.

I'm asking this again: why don't you try a "donate" button? (Ok, that might not be the most profiting option, but it's so so simple, and you can see the results, why not try it?)


I think there might be legal issues with that - Duolingo is technically a for-profit business, and while I'm no expert on American business law, I don't know if that's allowed.


As long as donations (or whatever alternative term is preferred for a for-profit company) are treated as income, they’d be as allowable as any other source of income.


I wonder too why it hasn't been at least tested yet...
But Duo seems to still need to "consider it".


Rather than that I'd recommend adding a "pay what you want" option next to the base price of existing "no ads" or "plus" monthly payment options. "Donate" is a bit of an odd thing to a for-profit company. The "pay what you want" thing would essentially be the same thing but simply marketed differently and rather as a payment for something than a donation. Making this distinction might seem silly, but it's a case of "the same thing and not the same thing" at the same time.

It also allows them to avoid some disappointment: "I donated 50€ yesterday and now they removed immersion!". While with the "pay what you want" option they simply paid a whole lot for a month without ads. Something that's likely to result in a bit less disappointment / remorse and makes people feel less like they're owed something for having paid a lot. A minimal difference but a difference none the less.


Accepting donations by commercial companies is a tricky business as it could easily be considered money laundering, so it requires a special department to handle it, which complicates things a bit, maybe they don't want those kind of complications.


Personally I don't think it will do much good, and professionally I also bet on membership systems, but if you decide I offer to help ( I'm a web designer https://victorgbustamante.com/blog/ )


it can be a good solution. I know some cases that have implemented donations (one of them can be https://aecor.es/), in addition to advertising as a source of income and doing a/b tests obtained better results by implementing a donations button.


Duolingo has given me so much. When this comes out for the web or iOS, I will be signing up. :) I love the idea of the travel feature. I must admit, I get nervous every time I need to travel internationally since I really value my streak after all this time. That will be a weight off me next time I need to fly to Britain to see my in-laws. :)


You could install Bluestacks on PC/Windows or any other Android emulator.


I wondered why DL was suddenly wanting new permissions to offer in-app purchases when I went to update. Since it didn't explain what it was for, I didn't upgrade. While I don't mind paying a one time fee to get rid of ads, I don't pay monthly fees for apps and there's no way I could afford $10 a month for one. Exactly what are the "optional in-app purchases designed to make learning more fun"? It sounds like those who pay will be getting something more lesson-wise which means the learning opportunities for those who can't afford to pay will not be the same as for those who can. Sad.


Oh, yes, an offline support for Android is needed, and money for Duolingo is needed. That's good news, provided you won't kill the site by removing every useful feature.


I have not seen any evidence of being able to use Duolingo offline for more than a few minutes worth. Is it only in the paid version?

Also, going from free to a paid version of (I think I remember) $12.95/month is a steep jump. You might get far more revenue/adoption with somewhere in the $1 to $3 area.


Here's a suggestion for monetization that might not represent too much of an overhead for Duolingo: I'd be willing to pay (maybe as much as 10$/month, though it does seem expensive) to get answers to my many claims that there are mistakes in courses. I'm sure that half of the time I'm actually wrong. Getting an answer to let me know why I'm wrong or just directing me to a specific explanation would help learn and reduce the frustration you sometimes get when you really don't see why you're making a mistake. Duolingo could also control the cost of such a feature by limiting the number of answers you are allowed to get per week/month/year.


I'm delighted at the capability to have offline lessons. It's something I've been hoping for for a long time.

However, $10/month is quite expensive! I have paid $3/month in the past for the ad-free experience. I guess I'd go as high as $5. But I think $10 is a lot, and my guess is that more people would sign on for this premium service if the price-point was lower. As-is, I would probably do it as a one-time thing if I was traveling out of internet range and really wanted to continue the lessons during that time.


I feel the Plus subscription fee is too expensive. I would happily money towards this great service, and certainly wouldn't complain about getting rid of ads. But at £9.50 a month!! No chance. Memrise Pro is £36 for a whole year (and at the moment it's half price), thats £3 a month, less than a third of Duolingo Plus.

I know Duolingo Plus is completely optional and I'm not forced or even pushed into taking the Plus subscription but I would be tempted if the price were just a little more reasonable, as it is, I would pay money, happily to Duolingo, but that's too much so my money stays in my wallet.

It almost seems greedy, there's just no way that Duolingo makes £9.50 a month off of serving adverts solely to me, so why the high price tag?


I kinda like the idea. It might also work for the web version, introducing ads and make it ad-free through a subscription. However, it's too expensive, IMHO. Were it, like, 5 bucks a month, I wouldn't even think about not going with 'plus'. But for EUR 11 (ca. $12.50) a month, I'm currently gonna pass, I'm afraid.


The only thing that bugs me is the fact that the offline mode is now a PRO feature. There are many people who don't have Internet mobile plans due to circumstances or who live in countries where mobile internet connection is limited. While I understand that Duolingo has to make money to keep its courses alive, this shows that them claiming Duolingo is 100% free and that they want to bring free education to the world is not entirely true.

I wish you would reconsider making the offline mode free.



The offline feature that was available before Duolingo Plus is still available for free. Duolingo Plus has just added extra content offline for subscription users. Duolingo has still made it so all lessons are available free online.


Having millions of users, it makes more sense to price it as low as possible. Among the active learners, maybe 20-30% would go for it. Everybody should be able to afford it. Make sure the download of lessons will be easy and straight forward bulk method, otherwise it will not be attractive. For language learning, most people I know just borrow a couple of course books and media from the local library. They choose the one that suits them best. Then they copy it and they´re good to go. It´s not as if duolingo is the only or the best way to learn. It´s another tool for an additional input, next to all the other sources that a learner uses.


too much money in us dollars about 14 dollars


So much have been said. Duolingo has allowed me to live one of my long time dreams, to get to know several languages. And for this simple reason, along with the beautiful idea of giving a chance for everyone to reach education, I'd be willing to pay something. But first I think it's a heavy fee to pay regularly. It would be the most expensive fee I'd pay for an online service.

Nowadays I'm not even a regular user anymore.

Please, help me help you all, offering more affordable plans,discounts or lifetime licenses, anything in that direction


When do you guys estimate it will be released on non-Android or iOS devices? I don't have either an Android or iOS device, so it would be really cool if it was released on the website version or the app.


They won't need to release it as so far there are no ads on the web, and also you need to have wifi to access anything online.


A lot of people have been asking to contribute financially to keep Duolingo afloat. People like to point out that Wikipedia is funded by donations.

I'm hoping that eventually membership of Duolingo Plus will be a setting that applies across the whole site, and whatever benefits will (or won't) apply on whichever system we happen to be using at the time.


It's not about the ads, but about being able to download the lessons.


But you wouldn't take a computer with you to the subway would you? If you did, it would have to be on some kind of computer app to download lessons. However, if it could work that would be great!


Yeah, if it is possible to get an app on the computer it would work.


you take your phone on the subway or on a plane and duolingo stops working.


I think there are statistics floating somewhere that say only 20% of the users use the web version. So I think that would be released last.


What device holds the most percent?


If I remember correctly, Android.


In the middle of the graphic on white background


@Anafunctor (post 2/3)

When Duolingo had approx. 100 million users, you could say that the user with the user ID 100,000,000 was the 100 millionth user. But at some point afterwards, that changed. So when we had user IDs up to 50 millions, the official figures were 50 million accounts. When there were user IDs up to 100 millions, Duolingo stated that they had 100 million user accounts. After that, this linearity changed at some point and today we see user IDs above the 273 million mark, but Duolingos officially figures are not "273 million users", but "170 million users". That's what I'm talking about.

It's just an observation, so maybe I'm wrong, but I noticed this within the last couple of months and there's no explanation about that so far.


Maybe it's off topic, but anyway: you once said about difficulty settings or something like this (so we can get more translation tasks from the native language to the one we learn, for example). Any news about it?


Many languages have a "reverse tree", the course "the language you are learning to your native language". Here you have to translate much more from your native language to the foreign language. So, you can fulfill this wish by yourself.
I like this feature of Duolingo. Because, for many people there is no course from native language to foreign language. They have to learn from Foreign language 1 to Foreign language 2. And for those people it is really too difficult to translate in both ways within the same course!


hello , its good to read your comments i will try to use duolingo to translate my website ( https://www.asturpins.com ) to others languages, Thank everybody for the help


I'd happily pay for offline, ad-free duolingo Finnish lessons. :-)


@zekecoma: haha I fooled you! I'm only here for the lingots I get whenever I mention Finnish :-D

I am willing to pay duo for a Finnish course, yes... 99€ (or 1300 Gems at the current exchange rate). And I'm happy to wait for as long as it takes.


I'm really confused right now. I've never paid for anything, yet I've never seen ads on the Duolingo app and went offline the other day...


There goes the "Duolingo will be free, now and forever!". I'm glad it is additional features though, and not removal of current features. As long as no language learning becomes pay to learn, I am fine with it.


you don't have to pay


I said that. "As long as no language learning becomes pay to learn".


If the ads are in the target language, and come with optional subtitles, some people may not mind them.


Given what you get, it sounds overpriced. IMHO you get more for your money on lawlessfrench.com for $11.99 (US) a month (if you buy a year at a time.)


You don't have to buy it :) We want to offer as much as we can for free.


A price point of EUR 5 per month is what my three casual learner friends and I have agreed on. I'd have paid 10 or more during my Silicon Valley days, but now that I'm back `in the real world' (which has a higher population than SV and similar high-income areas), that seems excessive. For comparison, people in Northern Europe pay EUR 15-20 in phone bills per month, so that's what they're comparing this against.


it made me buy it! when I tried signing up for 7days free it asked me to select a plan for after the trial expires, and when I woke up this morning it charged me $10!!


Hi Luis,

I understand the site needs to be economically feasible to sustain and and grow or else it will go away one day. I definitely would like it to remain.

Ads is one way to finance it and for those that will not or could not pay, it will be a good option as long as they are not too intrusive.

I hear $10/mo for Plus. I think it would be a bit expensive mainly for removing the ads and that might limit the take rate. I think $5 per month would be a very reasonable and there would be many more takers so overall collection perhaps would be higher.

Did you also consider more optional skills that might be sponsored by other companies? For example, an insurance company might sponsor a skill related to insurance terms, an auto company might sponsor a skill related to auto terms etc. in a target language. Duolingo, can develop these extra lessons and incorporate the logo and ad of the company into the skill (as long as they continue to sponsor the skill perhaps by paying Duolingo per year sponsorship fee).


The sponsored terms idea is fantastic.


I think it's a very poor idea. I don't want to be made an active participant in my own exploitation.


It might be nice if it was optional.

I DESPISE any ads which come from ad networks, as they are ugly and often have things unrelated to what I am looking at, but ads specifically designed for the content which it is on are fine in my opinion.


So does this change the parameters around user data privacy? I can only assume so if partnerships include CNN and Amazon. It actually seems like this could backfire in terms of sustainability (in a wider community economic and political sense- obviously Duolingo as a company will make money and expand). I'm actually quite disappointed that this is happening. In retrospect now, I question whether the community built environment here and the organic nature of the technology was something of a trap designed to foil a very large quantity of users and gather a high volume of data just for this moment of selling out.


Duo already has a relationship with Amazon.

There might not be anything to fear - serving ads from CNN and Amazon doesn't require handing over user details if they're, say, embedded into every lesson already, and not customised for each Duo user. And I don't know what ad servers could possibly get out of one's Duo activity. Of course, the ads would probably customised to each IP address/"recognisable web user" so as usual, it'll be the rest of your browsing activity (on any page with ads, social media buttons, beacons, etc) that are the concern.


You should fix the hack where people click on test out, and then turn off their Wi-Fi to complete it without learning.


I don't think it's a priority to change that: people doing that are only cheating themselves and, more importantly, there are many big issues/bugs to be fixed and things to improve (in lessons, in the incubator, in forums, etc.) more urgently (IMO).


I'd rather get the immersion feature back if there's going to be a 'premium' version. If you give me the chance to test my learning in the "real world" then that's something I would actually pay for.


The button "BUY FOR 10,99 €" is placed exactly at that location where you normally click to step over to the next screen after finishing a lesson. Sorry, but this is just repulsive! How many people will click there by mere accident? I feel like in a bad show where I'm tricked into a deal that I don't want... Besides that: 11 € per month is by far too much. 130 € per year just to get rid of ads? Or is there anything else? If yes I can't see it. The only thing I'm told is: Go ad-free for 1 month - Get an ad-free experience while helping millions around the world learn for free. My answer is: no, thanks. At least at the moment.


Agreed, getting payments through user errors caused by click traps is the last refuge of the charlatan. Anyone who does this basically destroys their reputation.


Will the mobile app sync with the web app so I could work on my phone some times and on the computer other times?


It's already synchronizing (with the current/old version).
As long as you connect to the same account (same username, same associated email address) on both platform.

At least it's supposed to, if it's not working for you then it's a bug that I don't think has any reason to be solved by this "Duolingo Plus" feature.


I've never seen an official statement from Duolingo about crowdfunding new languages / content expansions. This is a large, untapped market with tremendous potential for leverage.

Take Indonesian, for example. There are many (tens of) thousands of people who want a Bahasa Indonesia Duolingo course. The median teacher's salary in Indonesia is less than $600 US/month. A 5x or 10x crowdfunding goal to be used to pay local language professionals to supercharge production would be easy to reach—even with the clear statement that excess funding would be put toward the company as a whole.

Contributor rewards? Simple: go ad-free up to a max of one year when the new course launches, scaled to match the contribution.

In the famous words of many a frustrated would-be customer: Take my money!


Contributor rewards? Simple: go ad-free up to a max of one year when the new course launches, scaled to match the contribution.

If course builders had to pay to go ad free for their own courses, I think Duolingo would have a riot on their hands ;)

Some teachers might avoid helping Duolingo out of fear that Duolingo would replace their classes and end their jobs. I'm in the US and I don't think that is a problem with, say, university instructors here. Many university courses go beyond what Duolingo can teach. Also, many classes allow for experiences that Duolingo doesn't offer, like cultural components and face to face interactive experiences. The government also currently has a budget for education, maybe not a very big one but far larger than some other countries have.

I don't know anything about Indonesia's economy. So, i won't speak to whether they would fear Duolingo would replace their teaching jobs. But, for some that could be a real concern. That concern could likely increase for non-university level language classes.


DuoPlus should have been trees 2.0 taking users to upper B1 rather than upper A2 as the current trees do. I'd pay for that, not ad. free. Who's going to be excited for something like that?


$10 feels a bit steep to go for add free for a month. $5 subscription I would consider just to support Duolingo even if the adds remain (in the current form which is not very intrusive) But what I would like the best is some option for showing your support with as amount you wish. A bit like patreon. Almost everybody appreciates the work Duoling does. Some can afford $1 a month others $20. You could keep the $10 add free thing but have a support doulingo button on the home page.


I think they will come up with something like that eventually. They just need to test the overall idea first.


I really enjoy the idea of a $2-5/mo or pay what you want option. I think that would garner a lot more paid subscribers than the $10/month.

I'm a bit hurt by the people being upset by duolingo costing money and telling them about other resources. Duolingo has never claimed to be the only way to learn, and it is an active gateway to learning languages and introducing people to other resources. The fact is, this is a free resource being provided to us that many people have spent a very, very long amount of time developing-- often volunteering their time and getting nothing monetarily in return-- and it's selfish to write that off. It's one thing to not want to pay, but good to remember how many people have contributed their time and efforts to make this site a language learning resource accessible to everyone.


Is it possible that you can get rid of the health bar if we use this


I would definitely pay extra if Duolingo brought back the duobots and the option to compete with other users. That helped me learn better than anything else. Of course, I still love Duolingo, but the other option was amazing!


The ads on Android are annoying, but not $9.99 a month annoying. Maybe $19.99 a year annoying, or $2.50 a month annoying, but $9.99 for a couple of extra clicks on the phone? Not so much.


Hey Luis,

I can't say I speak for everyone but I feel like many of us here would pay and not fault you for monetizing advanced language lessons. Now I don't mean making the app paid or turning it into Rosetta Stone.

As of right now, Duo courses really only bring you to an A2 Level of speaking with 2000 or so words. Why not make it so you can pay to unlock a larger tree (currently Tree 2.0 in the few rare cases that languages have this) that would take you past the A2 level for a specific language? You could also incentivize teams by giving them a portion of sales of the "expanded tree" or Tree 2.0 as it's currently called. To many, I think this would be fair as you get to learn a language you really want to invest more into at a deeper level by just paying a few more dollars. It would maintain your goal of free language learning across the world as well at a good level. And it's providing an additional service to users they otherwise like would never have gotten.

This would: A) Encourage incubator teams not to lose motivation on incubated courses and work faster B) Give incentive for incubator teams to continue growing a course after the base one is completed C) Rapidly improve the number of expanded courses as right now very few incubator teams continue to work on adding more to a course after it's completed D) Inspire incubator teams with an end goal and more to work for as finishing a course and doing it well continuing into a Tree 2.0 promises a chance to build a small revenue stream for themselves, and higher quality/larger Tree 2.0s means more buyers of your Tree and therefore more money for the team E) Justify spending more time and resources on the incubator which at this point I would imagine is just a giant resource suck with very little added revenue coming out of new courses created F) Probably create a significant revenue stream without sacrificing much in the way of your core goal

How I see it is that in the state of things right now, we're unlikely to receive almost any Tree 2.0s ever for most languages. This would make Tree 2.0s and deeper learning experiences for most languages a reality and an option that would never have existed otherwise. You just have to pay for it.


What is going to happen to my day streak if I use the duolingo plus option and work several days or weeks offline before I go online again?


I haven't seen anything anything to suggest that Duolingo Plus has anything to do with streaks.


Thank you. To offer functionality to keep the streak even if you have to lern offline could be interesting.


I wish you offered an add free month again. But since duolingo plus is offered, I can not donate for a single add free month anymore. :-(


I agree with a Premium version, for a fair price! But not like a monthly subscription. Maybe an annual subscription is better, because, in my opinion, people like to pay once, not every month, every month... For me, optional in-app purchases are a good option as well.


I would like to see a premium option for desktop users as well. I only use DuoLingo on desktop because in my experience it is FAR superior as a learning tool, on desktop, and I would like to be able to financially support DuoLingo, even if I don't get anything back from it.

I feel super grateful to DuoLingo for the amazing opportunities it's offered me, for free, and I would like a way to give back and help fund it so that you can continue doing even more than you are already.


Yes! Please do this for desktop users!


how can i access streak repair?


Hi I am on iOS 11 but where is the Duolingo plus access available


I fully support this since finance is needed to keep such a good project alive!


Personally mate I'd like to see the tips content on my mobile and not exclusively on my laptop. If you could do that I would consider the NY offer. It's pointless going blind into a lesson without knowing the rules you're meant to be applying to the content. I don't like to use the laptop version -- too busy. I prefer to study languages on the train on the way to work.


I do not mind paying to use duolingo. But I will never use it offline, and ads did not bother me. I am upset that I prepaid for 6 months, and the app still asks for $1 when ai run out of health.


Myself, my wife and our three children are (intermittent) users of Duolingo, and we would like to support it - however paying five subscriptions is simply too much for our budget. Many similar services have a 'family' option; I'd suggest considering something similar for Duo.

I'm also not sure about the price point; it's around the same amount as my spotify, netflix and youtube red subscriptions, but (alas) we don't use Duo nearly as much as those other services, so it doesn't 'feel' quite right.

Thanks again for a fantastic service!

  • Chris


£9.99 per month is insane, I was interested in becoming a plus member and removing the ads but not at £9.99 pm lol I was expecting like £3/4 per month really and I'd happily pay that. From a business pov, there seems to be a lotof people like myself, willing to pay a smaller fee. Duolingo would actually make more money offering it cheaper as more people would sign up^^


This price is too high. Duolingo should set some symbolic price (0.99$) and I'm sure that would get much more money then now. 10$ is way too much.


Dear Luis, I am grateful for Duolingo, and highly value the content I have access to. I would love to contribute, however the prices set for Duolingo Plus are FAR to expensive. I could perhaps see myself paying a dollar a month (for a free service), but will never be able to justify $10/month (That's Neflix!!). If you'd like more subscribers, you've got to lower your costs.


Although I'm coming to this forum a bit late ...

For me, the recurring monthly subscription is too steep. However, I definitely think that the platform deserves monetization. It's the only app I have ever gone out of my way to be sure to watch every ad offered. I really don't need to see more ads for Toon Blast, but since it's my way of contributing, then that's the best I could do.

Would I pay some kind of money annually, probably. Would it be more than the $0.50 you're making off me per month for watching the ads every day - definitely. At the tune of $100+/year? Nope...


I decided to try it for a week, but I realized that it's not worth it. For some reason the app charged me for a year long subscription already on the 6th day. There is no customer support but I've sent an email to any contact email that I've found. I hope to get a refund, because right now it feels like a scam. Too bad that such a good app like Duolingo (and I use it for years) falls so low..


How do you cancel this?


One of the things that would definitely make me want to pay for Duolingo Plus every month is if the Plus version on the phone app contained all of the grammar lessons that are available on the desktop app. Other than that, the Plus version is a little useless to me (maybe not to others), unless I purchase it as a kind of support for Duolingo. I just feel like the price is just a little too steep for it not to include the little grammar lessons.


I have been studying english and italian for many years, and now, thanks to Duolingo I can comunicate at a really good level. In fact, I make my own translations in my blog (https://zaragozawebs.es/)

[deactivated user]

    Any idea on why I can't get Duolingo plus? It doesn't show me the option to sign up on my account. not on the app nor the web page. I have Android.



    Does this link work for you on a computer (full desktop site) and show you a popup window?


    If not, you may have to deactivate any installed or default browser addon blockers.

    Try with Firefox or Chrome browsers.

    [deactivated user]

      When I click the link, it's redirecting me to both to the home page of my course and the Duolingo app opens up. I when to the Help section and it says that to sign up I have to go tap the shop icon, go to the right-hand corner of the main screen and click "Learn More" but i don't see that option anywhere on both the browser and the app.


      Try doing it on a real computer, not on your phone. If it does not work, then you will have to contact support.



      Thank you for Duolingo Plus!


      This is a good idea, I like it! But it should also be available on the web version, many people are still using the computer, you know?


      Um, there are no ads on the desktop version. Nor is there really a need to download lessons for it.


      You're not looking at the bigger picture, Duolingo Plus may end up having a lot of other cool stuff, but they will not be available for many people because it doesn't work on the web version. I don't think that's fair.


      What features would the desktop need? Unless they decide to make the desktop as awful as the mobile app.


      If they end up adding a lot of "cool stuff," they can revisit the question of the web version then.


      You could install Bluestacks, NOX, VMware, etc. on PC/Windows or any other Android emulator.


      So we have to pay for offline use now?


      Not for the limited offline ability that currently exists (Luis said so further up).

      Just for the extended offline ability which will be available only to Plus users.

      For one thing, I believe the existing offline feature does not preserve streaks (you have to connect to the servers at least once per day) but the description of the new functionality made it sound to me as if it did preserve streaks. So that would be something new you could pay for if you wanted it.


      While I do greatly enjoy Duolingo and its benefits, I remember flying to New York in 2014 and using the app offline was possible (as I practiced German to help pass the time on the plane), so knowing that using the app offline is now a paid feature has highlighted that DL has planned about this for a while and that monetization of DL is their main priority (coupled with the "recover streak" fee and additional of ads only to quickly offer "ad-free" options for $xx/month.

      While I still love DL and appreciate what you all have done for the site, I hope your attempts to increase cash flow are less restrictive/annoying for your users. Cheers!


      I recall there being very limited material offline in general. I am thinking maybe this is much extended?


      Yes, this will be much more extended. The old offline feature will still be available for free.


      Hello Luis,

      5-10 offline cache mode lessons for free: Great idea, thanks.
      A "working" cache mode: Even better!

      Does your team has (hopefully) any plans to fix the "(old) 5-10 lessons offline cache mode feature" bug reported with bug id 717710 (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20610216/Bug-Android-app-V3-39-2-V3-40-4-does-not-start-terminated-data-corrupted-9-offline-lessons-done ) or is this just a seldom bad incompatibility with Bluestacks emulator (runs Android 4.4)?

      Good news:
      I may be able to get my hands on an Android smartphone in the next couple of (2,5-4) weeks, so my plan is to re-test the 10 lesson offline cache mode from bug id 717710 with the very latest Android app version (which now also includes Pro mode and probably further code rewrites).

      So I am curious:
      Have there been any code updates for the "old caching offline lesson mode" in later app versions?

      Any insider details your development team could share about code enhancements: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23228487$comment_id=23239528

      Actually I would love to take the Laptop with Bluestacks (or Smartphone a bit later) to the park, sit on the bank, let the sun shine into my face and do some new DuoLingo lessons ;)

      [deactivated user]


        I think this is a nice idea. If it helps Duolingo, I'm okay with it.


        The previous method of monetising Duolingo was Immersion, which was removed (possibly because people like myself used it to get easy streaks!) Will Duolingo+ work?


        It was removed because less than 0.1 percent of all users used this feature and it brought way too less money. It had nothing to do with streaks.


        Immersion was removed?! I was really excited about it...


        Offline lessons are something I think I'd probably value enough to pay some amount for irrespective of any desire to just contribute to Duolingo.

        It'd just depend on the price point (and the current state of the app, which I haven't really used at all for a while in lieu of just using the website in a mobile browser when on my phone).

        That said, I have good reason to use the app now, so I'll see how it goes for the next couple of weeks.


        I have thought more than once about getting it for a month just in order to thank you people for all the many, many hours I have spent with your great app. Unfortunately, I can't pay with my credit card via my cell phone in this case. No idea why. I tried.


        This sounds SO cool guys!

        [deactivated user]

          I have only had Duolingo for two days on iOS and have not seen a single ad, I found that to be an amazing experience. I had no idea other users saw ads on their devices.

          I think that by introducing the Plus option, it should experiment with removing the waiting time for the "lives". To replace the waiting time, it should give the user perhaps three lives per lesson and if they use all three lives then they have to restart the lesson. Just a thought.

          But thank you for the amazing app. I've loved the last two days of using it. Danke!


          Three lives per lesson used to be the standard and was called "hearts". It was abandoned a couple of years ago :-)

          A 5 hour timeout is not the best of ideas in my opinion... a feature copied from candy crush to try and get the most impatient of addicts to cough up some cash? Surely there are better ways... I just hope all the A/B tests find them soon (c).


          thanks for the update Luis


          I love duolingo!! Thank you for keeping duolingo free


          Thank you for providing this service.


          Before bringing the Plus feature on iOS could you please bring the comment section? It is the most helpful learning tool there is in the whole app and it is outstanding how it misses it.


          I understand, and I'm totally okay with that as long as I can continue to learn everything for free.


          muco gracias Luis


          I thought you could make enough money from the Immersion and English tests... If you keep this, I will stop using Duolingo. Subscriptions are absolutely horrible. A one-time ad-removal fee would be MUCH better than a subscription. Besides, this violates your "Learn a language for free. Forever." description.


          I mean, you can still learn all of the languages for free. They aren't sticking them behind a paywall or anything.


          You do know that Immersion's gone and the plan to monetise it (but for a few ads translated into Spanish) never worked, right?


          I would really like to be able to work offline when travelling and am happy to pay a small fee for this and to keep my stream ad free. Thank you for introducing these options.


          In my opinion the price is a little high for the small perks. Make it $5USD or less or add extra perks and I will gladly pay the price you ask for. I understand the company needs some revenue but the appeal of duolingo over other Learning platforms was the "free" price tag. Maybe when it launches to iOS my opinion will have changed and I'll be paying the subscription to support DuoTeam.


          Looking forward to it!


          I'm on iOS and I see a "Ad-free" option in the store. I don't see actually anything named 'Duolinglo Plus' or any mentions of onffline access in the 'Ad-Free' subscription. Is that subscription going to give me offline access or I should wait untill DuoPlus subscribtion is offered to me separately? The ads aren't bothering me at all, but I'd be happy to have an offline access to Duo, and I don't mind paying for that (while I see zero point in paying for removing the ads). Is there an option to be one of those happy people to receive DuoPlus subscription offer on iOS?


          How do you upgrade to paid? I can't see it online (Google Search, nor Duolingo).


          How do you upgrade to paid? I can't see it online (Google Search, nor Duolingo).

          Do you mean on the website?
          If so, you can't as it's an Android app's option, cf.

          Today, we are introducing Duolingo Plus to some users on Android.


          I meant I couldn't see how to do it when I searched Duolingo and online.


          See this comment in the current discussion which talks about the location of the button to buy this new (Android app) option.

          Remark: Luis saying

          we are introducing Duolingo Plus to some users on Android

          in his original post, seems to indicate that (only) some Android users have that option for the moment. Hence, it's possible you don't have it yet when using the Android app.


          I offer all my lingots and a reasonable monthly subscription for having battles back. Battles were the best!

          • 769

          The whole point of Duolingo is "no hidden fees, no ads, completely FREE," and you go and do this? Three bad decisions in three months? This is an outrage! >:(


          What if you were to have a kickstarter for new courses so that people could help move them along toward release? I know I would donate to see you develop Finnish. You could have it be like 75% of the donation goes toward developing that course, and 25% to site sustainability.

          And what about classical languages? They might have to be presented differently, but I think people would go for a classical Latin or Greek course. It could contain different sorts of activities, such as translating a Cicero piece or a letter from Caesar.

          Just some ideas...


          Courses are developed by volunteers, as a volunteer myself I can tell you - money won't make us work faster, if anything they will bring people who want to earn to the team and it will make courses worse. The only alternative is to hire professionals, but that would cost a lot, and I doubt there would be enough donations (but who knows).


          Well, with Duolingo+ it would be fair to pay the volunteers as an incentive no? Or, if pay model generates enough money as they expected, why not hire some contract professional to at least jump start some courses and volunteers maintain the course later. For example, I would like to see Chinese course.


          Well, with Duolingo+ it would be fair to pay the volunteers as an incentive no?

          I agree with Larisa_L:

          • it wouldn't make work faster volunteers.
            At least many of them who are already putting in it all the available time they have.
          • more volunteers doesn't mean (automatically) faster:
            the more volunteers the harder to keep consistency along the course etc.
          • it would attract some people more interested by the pay:
            can't be positive for the course (could have no real impact or have a negative one)

          And, personally, I prefer not to be paid for my volunteer work.

          why not hire some contract professional to at least jump start some courses[...]. For example, I would like to see Chinese course.

          Having professionals or paid volunteers wouldn't make courses teaching Chinese enter faster the incub as it is technical issues that block those courses to enter the incub, hence it's purely in staff's hand. It's not linked to "not enough (competent) volunteers".


          I have to disagree (not for the sake of conflict, just my opinion :)) It's never "fair" to pay volunteers, because volunteers can only be volunteers if they are not paid. Otherwise we step into the employee - employer realm, which has completely different motivations and dynamics. Volunteers are not motivated by money, so it's a mistake to incentives them with money. There is now plenty of research that shows how money easily kill motivation. (see for instance Dan Ariely's "Payoff: The Hidden Logic that Shapes Our Motivations").

          In my daily job I earn really good money. Some small % from donations here, would not be worth the effort for me, I don't need those additional money. But I'm willing to do it for free. The same goes for most volunteers (though not always).

          Duolingo team do hire professionals to help development of some courses. But at the end of the day, that will never be enough, and we would have only few courses if we didn't rely on free volunteers. Chinese course is a bad example, because there are other technical reasons why we still don't have that course, not the lack of motivation or something.

          We need money for the company to survive, we need money for solving technical problems, including those within the incubator which make volunteers' life harder. But we do not need money to motivate volunteers, that won't work. What volunteers need is support from the users, understanding, politeness, gratitude, sharing your success with us, letting us know that what we do is important. Because honestly, there are sometimes so many complaints and arguments, that you feel like all you've done was completely pointless and a waist of time. I doubt that any some of money can fix that.


          This is all very interesting. I did not know the courses were developed by volunteers. Knowing that makes this site all the more special to me somehow.


          Where do I find Duo+? It isn't in Play Store.


          See answers to Daniel.Lee2's same question (currently just above your post) in the current discussion.


          It is supposed that Duolingo could have been free for ever. But the real life shows that is it's impossible. The reason for be free is that is promoting the. Language learning to the poor. I couldn't have any objection if Duolingo asked for donations,as so many NGOs do to implement their mission,but Duolingo, even though it is a crowd funding company does not like it or it's business plan is a bit or more different. You decide, Duo!

          Even so some brilliant ideas developed here.

          About bugs, or problems, yes there are. I lost my streak when brought a new phone and used Duolingo before setting my timezones. Ok, I am not dead because of this, just I add to my streak all these days.

          Luis, please don't make changes or use some A/B tests that have influence on our assessment in a tree without warning. A good idea could be to broadcast PM to testers to know what to expect, if possible, what is happening.


          When can I get duolingo plus thanks. Kev


          Excited to hear about diverse monetization approaches, since I find this SO VALUABLE and I know that's the only way it will stick around for posterity.

          I know I would have never paid money for yet another new app in teh appstore to learn a languages when I first was looking -- or even when I was first started using duolino.

          But as I've built a good foundation, I can say I'd be willing to pay for a second-tier paid tree beyond the first tree. In fact, I would LIKE to do that as I've put to much time into this process it excites me.


          How about for Windows Phone?


          Windows Phone's market share dropped drastically within the last 2 years and the Windows Phone app didn't get an update for more than 2 years. My guess is that they won't update the app anymore, but I cannot be sure about that of course.


          I am still using my wonderful Windows phone, but I do all my Duolingo on my computer now.


          how about a function where you can do listening only, speaking only, or vocabulary only? I would pay for this!


          Ní mór duinn a rogha


          loved the mini flashcards.How do I access more?


          I think this is good, especially the offline option


          It would probably take to much space on phones or computers


          This is a good idea.


          I havent understood from day 1 why you don't create a second section for those who have finished the tree to go on and improve the course further paid. This is a great way of learning, I would certainly pay a subscription - keep the regular trees as the basics and just add more modules for paying subscribers.

          Or, add additional content right from the beginning for paying, additional to this tree. I understand there are about 2000 words in the Spanish tree and that will only take you so far, I understand you need 5-10k to be fluent in the language. Duolingo plus should be PLUS for bolt on not for removal of ads (though do that too if you want).

          Ive read so many comments here about "What can I do after Duolingo" that have been on here for years... surely this is an obvious win?!


          I absolutely concur Sarah223793. I have been going over and over the Basics Italian tree for quite some time now. I now feel I am ready to move to the next level, whatever that may be. I wouldn't mind paying extra to do so, ads or no ads(I don't really mind) but there seems to be nothing on offer from Duolingo. I love the style of Duolingo learning but need now to go further. If Duolingo can't offer this can anyone out there recommend an Italian online learning course that goes beyond the basics of the Duolingo tree


          I would recommend the course "Iltalian Language and Culture" (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) from EDX. If you don't know EDX try it. Is fantastic!!


          Will you also look at introducing Duolingo Plus for Windows phones?


          If you must add this feature, could you at least make it a separate app for those of us that can't afford Duolingo Plus? Advertising it as a free app when it's really not is a bit misleading.


          Can't wait to see this on iOS. Would buy it in a hearbeat.


          Why is this limited to Android? I don't really want to do my lessons on a cell phone.


          You could install Bluestacks or any other Android emulator.


          Thanks very much for the tip. I have a mac, and that's all I pay attention to, so I didn't know about Bluestacks.


          I came here all ready to pay for my Plus because I love and want to support DuoLingo. Alas, I am on a computer, and my phone is an iPhone. I'm the type who would regularly donate if you had a button for that. But I will wait until I'm offered the plus, and will order it then. I absolutely love DuoLingo!!!


          I'm with you! I hope DuoLingo doesn't go off on a phone-only track!


          Hi Luis and the Duolingo Team. I was wondering if you could consider a yearly one-off fee? I'd absolutely love to contribute so that everyone can continue their great work, but I just can't​ sign myself up to monthly subscriptions anymore. Thankyou for all your amazing work!


          I signed up for Duolingo Plus last week and I am annoyed that I am still getting ads at the end of each lesson. They are Duolingo ads instead of third party ones, but it is just as annoying to have to keep hitting no thanks on streak repair or make a bet as on Uber. Please stop constantly showing those.


          Thanks Luis.

          I'm happy to pay. Desperate for offline access. But the most important thing I can tell you right now is the new hearts training system needs to be amended. It is doing the opposite of what is intended and restricting my learning.

          I'm learning the Greek course and there are a few levels that need the repetition of making mistakes before you can succeed.

          My suggestions:

          1. If you run out of hearts, don't stop the level! Let the user complete that level but go no further until the hearts are back.

          2. Rather than hearts, how about the various levels (that the user got wrong) turning non gold and the user needs to make them gold again prior to advancing?

          Thanks for reading!


          Hi Duolingo, I have really enjoyed learning Italian with you. I am on a 256 day streak and have completed the Italian Skill Tree. Each day I go over some previous lessons to maintain my streak and to revise on my Mac computer and also on my Android phone. I feel I am now ready to move to the next level and extend my vocabulary and grammar knowledge but can't seem to find anywhere on the site to go to extend myself thus. I have lately seen references to Duolingo Plus on my Android phone and wonder if this is a solution to my need for extension. Can you tell me if Duolingo plus has new vocabulary and grammar concepts or is it revision of the initial Italian Skill Tree?


          Take a look at paragraph 2 of the post for a description of the advantages of Duolingo Plus. An expanded tree is not among them.



          This sounds like a really good idea to me. I do hope you introduce this program for Mac and Windows users as well. I'm sitting here at my desk in Middle of Nowhere fighting for bandwidth on this slow rural DSL while my neighbor up the road hogs the same bandwidth watching porno movies. (Thank "net neutrality" for that little gripe.) Offline data storage would mean I could download in the early AMs and study Duolingo in the evenings while my neighbor ruins the DSL for about 30 users over two miles.

          Also I wish that if you do this program for home computers you'd consider some kind of donation program perhaps a scholarship fund for poor and disadvantaged users since the less wealthy is a person, or for that matter a community or a nation, the less likely they are to have fast dependable internet service.


          You could install Bluestacks on PC/Windows or any other Android emulator.


          So does this mean you are adding ads in the app and stopping people from doing offline courses? Because I was able to do offline courses and didn't see ads before...


          Before asking questions throughout various announcement discussions, I recommend looking through the comments made by folks who have blue rings. They are staff and their comments are usually answers to questions. :)


          How do I unsubscribe? Unfortunately, it's too expensive. Thanks.


          OH. I am SO doing that. I HATE ads. Though I forgive 4 making them if u REALLY need them


          Is there any plan for Duolingo Plus, or some other subscription, to pay a monthly fee to remove the health mechanism from the iOS platforms?


          @ruferales "Dude, if the site has glitches and you lose your streak and there is NO way to get it back, then it's really frustrating, what part don't you understand? They could just make it free for days when the server has difficulties, but that's another story, overall it is a good feature, I don't see why people are so blockheaded about this. I am starting to agree with Luis that following what people say on the forums could actually harm Duolingo..."

          A number on a screen that matters. A stupid bug will remove a number, but not what you've learnt. The most important part is that you LEARN on Duolingo. As for me, I have made NO progress on Duolingo for weeks, and I live a happy life.


          I just got it and I want to get rid of it. One, you have to individually download each lesson, and two, I've been trying to use it when I don't have wifi, and the progress doesn't show up when I do have wifi. I need to find out how I can get rid of it so I don't have to pay $10 a month. Unsubscribing isn't in the settings for the app.


          You just cancel the subscription with whatever service you use for payment. If the fee was charged through iTunes, cancel via your iTunes account (there will be a section for ongoing subscriptions). Ditto with Google Play. As soon as I signed up I decided it wasn't for me and set it up to cancel so that I will finish out the month, but I won't be charged after this.

          It's too bad. I like the concept, but you can't strengthen skills offline, just do individual lessons. And like you, it was hard to see that my progress was getting recorded.


          I would be happy to pay for MORE sentences at every level, to properly cement grammar concepts and words. Doing the same sentences over and over is not at all useful as you cease learning once the sentence itself has been memorised.


          The good news is that you'll get more sentences, and you won't have to pay for them. That's a big part of what changes when course teams bring out version 2 of their course. The bad news is that these updates don't happen very often.

          There's been a 2nd version of the German and Spanish courses, and the Polish team are working on one. There are probably more, but I haven't heard about them.


          When was/is this second version of the Spanish course?


          Some small adjustments were made to the Spanish course quite a while ago. Maybe a year? It amounted to maybe 2 or 3 new units, plus some tweaking of old ones.

          The reverse tree, however, recently (in the spring, I think) received a massive update of approximately 24 new skills. The sentences in those skills are notably more complex, on average, than the sentences in previous units and make use of a nice mix of verb tenses.

          As I understand it, in addition to updates the course creators also rotate new sentences in every so often. I certainly sometimes still see sentences I don't think I've ever encountered before and think I would have remembered if I had. (I.e. "Somos tortugas.")


          Since I've been around (2013) the Spanish for English speakers course has gained a small handful of separate content additions. :)


          That's a great idea. I think inittiatives like this will help to keep language learning free and also improve more and more Duolingo learning possibilities for millions around the world.

          I just would not to like to see new learning tools available just for Duolingo Plus (Example Duolingo stories).


          How can I get Duolingo Plus for my IOS?


          I have iPhone 7 and latest iOS update 10.3.3 and I cannot see any way to download DuoLingo Plus on the App Store or in my Duolingo App. Help!!!


          I have just bought duolingo plus but despite following the instructions I can't download any lessons. As I am going away it would really help to have some lessons to keep my Spanish up to date. Can anyone help me with this?


          Do you see the small icons for downloading near the lesson icons? They are seen right from the tree in unlearned lessons, and if you've already done some lesson, you may find the downloading icon in the top right corner inside the lesson. It looks like a cloud with an arrow. If you have the icon, but when you tap it, nothing happens, you might need to restart the phone in order for downloading to go: I needed, but after that it works.


          Hello, I subscribe to Duolingo plus. I really don't understood that I will have still to pay for more health. When you pay 10€ a month I was expecting to be able to take All lessons when I want, not limited per health. As an example, when in a plane, I had more than 3 hours. 1/ I can only download the next lessons, ok great 10 min and that's it I need network again for open and then download the next one > this is UX 2/ Health ?? I'm still limited cause I need more Health. I feel like in a game where. The app is great and I love it ! why limit users like me who wants to use it all the time AND are ready to pay for it. You limit user who wants to learn fast or you have to pay so much money, way more than other app. Is there gonna be PLUS PLUS version ?


          I really don't understood that I will have still to pay for more health. [...] As an example, when in a plane, [...]

          Strengthening doesn't work when offline ?


          as an example : I was able to download food and animal but not the zoo. To reply to your other question from Spanish to english there is "the zoo" just after a animals. ( I will delete my comment cause misplaced , thank you )


          Would you have a screenshot of your tree with this "Zoo" skill?
          To try to understand what's going on.

          Indeed, I don't see any skill named "Zoo" in the "Spanish from English" course. I see the following skills after skill "Food" and skill "Animals"

          skills "Food" and "Animals"
          skill "Possession"
          skills "Clothing" and "Questions"


          I'm using the IOs application , I can see the webversion don't have this one


          Do you have the last version of the iOS app? The version 5.1.10.
          You probably have but just to be sure.


          Are these lessons more advanced?


          No. The lessons (that you can download for offline use) are the lessons of the course.
          This is not about new lessons added to the tree but about (all) existing lessons being downloadable at once or offline use.


          • contents (like lessons) are created/developed by volunteers, not by staff(°).
          • new features (like the ability to download all existing units/lessons) are created/developed by staff.

          (°) Except for few courses where staff is also doing volunteers' work, together with the volunteers: JA<-EN course and zh-CN<-en course, for instance.


          Hi with the Plus subscription are all lessons freely available and unlocked or you still have to go through to grind of having health healing and waiting for new lessons.


          Go and check it out yourself.
          I am using the Android app with Bluestacks (Android emulator).

          On Android 2 to 3 unlocked skills have a blue Plus sign, which means you can offline download it.

          2 to 3 more locked (grey) skills can be downloaded with Plus.

          If there are two unlocked lessons, the next three (locked) skills were marked with the blue Plus sign.
          If there are three unlocked lessons (not two), my Android app had only two locked lessons marked with the blue Plus symbol, not tree.

          So the total for "DuoLingo Plus" may be a total of 5 skills ready for offline download.

          The "offline cache mode" of 1 to 2 skills and 5 to 10 lessons (only for NEW lessons) still works with the Android app.


          "DuoLingo Plus" and health:

          Please check the other threads.
          There are already complains that "Plus" does not completely unlock strengthening skills in the offline mode...or ALL skills of your tree.

          If you want to strengthen old (completed) skills, you have to download each skill.
          The Plus symbol (white cloud instead of blue) will not be on the skill in the tree directly, but is contained within the skill directly, if you open it.
          If you do not download, you can not offline practice a skill.

          I would expect that you can only repeat the 5 to 10 lessons of that (old) skill, but you may not be allowed to access the skill strengthen or global strengthen skills buttons.

          I am not a Plus member, so I can not test it on the Android app myself.

          There are more than one thread from former Plus members, and AFAIK (I could be wrong) nothing else was ever said / written about the Plus feature.
          Please do not make the mistake and confuse "DuoLingo Plus" with "Memrise Plus/Pro subscription" and it's "download the whole course for (real) offline practice" available button.
          As it seems, DuoLingo does not seem to have such a global button unfortunately.
          IMHO it will be a longer route for the DuoLingo developer team, management and business developers to establish a 1000% true offline mode (for all skills, no health, etc.). Hopefully they can improve and extend the programming.
          If you are NOT interested in using health/gems, you MUST find a better platform than IOS like the full web portal or the Android app.

          Luckily, I do not have health on the Android app, but according to 2 recent threads some users have seen health on Android and DuoLingo may be already BETA testing health on Android (depends on your DL account, probably not on the app version).


          It is necessary Duolingo Plus to increase the fluency? My fluency is 75% and all words are mark as very good. It is possible reached 100% in the Duolingo free?


          It is possible reached 100% in the Duolingo

          No, it's not possible on Duolngo (whatever what you buy on Duolingo). Because Duolingo doesn't pretend to be able to bring you to 100% Fluency (which would mean you're more fluent than a native speaker never making any error in his/her own language).
          See article "What does my Fluency Score mean?" of the Support Pages.

          It is necessary Duolingo Plus to increase the fluency?

          No, Duolingo Plus will not make possible for Duolingo to bring you to be perfectly fluent in the language (="100% Fluency").

          Note: When you're experiencing a problem/bug/glitch on Duolingo or more generally have a question about how Duolingo works (or should work), please do the following before creating a new discussion:

          1. start by looking if there is a solution described in the Support Pages.
            If there are no solutions there,
          2. Use the forum search-engine to search for older discussions about the same subject. Don’t hesitate to make various searches with different keywords and make searches combining several keywords/expressions using standard logical operators (&&, ||) and/or quote marks.
            If you don’t find anything,
          3. read in the Troubleshooting forum the last days new messages — scroll down (and read) a few pages of the tab “New” of said forum — to see if anyone has already started a discussion about the same issue. If nothing in the “New” tab, try the "Popular" tab of the same forum.
            If nothing there,
          4. check the few sticky messages of the "General" forum (for English speakers) to see if there is an announcement related to your issue.
            If still nothing,
          5. post your question in the Troubleshooting forum.


          Hi Luis,

          Amazing idea, I subscribed, but it doesn't work. I can't download lessons on iPhone 7, iPad pro, and I feel like I wasted money. And support doesn't answer since Friday. Duolingo plus sucks instead of being amazing.


          I have had Duolingo for two months and haven’t been able to use it. It doesn’ work. I am paying that money for nothing. And the worst thing is I can’t cancel it. I have to pay someone to get rid of this. Duolingo is a scam. They took the money from my account for a year. I am furious.


          if you are using iOs app, you can easily cancel any subscription in your Apple account: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039 . If you're using Android app, you do the same via your GooglePlay account: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en


          Note that

          Canceling your subscription will not retroactively refund subscription payments, and previously charged subscription fees cannot be prorated based on cancellation date.
          From "How do I cancel my Duolingo Plus subscription?"'s Support Pages article

          and that

          After cancelling your subscription, you will be able to use Duolingo Plus for the remaining days that you have already paid for. When your subscription expires, it will not be renewed.
          From same article.

          And I wonder if CaroleCiai means "retroactive refund of subscription payments" when saying "I can’t cancel it. [...] They took the money from my account for a year.".


          It would be helpfull if you post the currency of the payment. Is it in USD?


          Hi, I´m From Mexico and I want Duolingo Plus but I have a question, when I want to pay it says "9.99 per month" but I do not know if it is 9.99 USD or 9.99 MXN pesos. Can you help me to know? Thanks!


          Luis I paid today for a repair streak of 78 days and after I paid I got 1 day back?? I would have skipped it intuit case... Can you explain that?


          Hi TrackMom,

          It should have repaired the entire streak. Sounds like a bug. I recommend using This Form. Make sure to select "Purchase issue" in the drop down menu to get it to the right department.

          I hope this helps!

          PS if for some reason it doesn't, if you leave me a follow up comment in this discussion about this matter, please start the comment off with my name Usagiboy7. That way, I will know the comment is meant for me and I'll be sure to drop in to read it.


          No me deja pagar, me rechaza mi metodo de pago, y con esos mismos datos e realizado compras, esta algo mal en las formas de pago, necesito ayuda.


          Hola SphairoSui!

          Utiliza Este Enlace para obtener ayuda. Cuando llegue a la página de Ayuda, vaya a la parte baja de la página. Allí, haga clic en el botón verde que dice "Contacto". Aparecerá "Suporte". Busque la palabra "Plus". Si no encuentra una respuesta que lo ayude, haga clic en "contactenos" para comunicarse con el personal en busca de ayuda.

          Buean suerte! :)


          Los resultados de búsqueda están solo en inglés. Pero, "contactenos" va a un formulario que está escrito en español.


          thanks Luis but i have a question how do i get the streak repair? if you could answer me it should be very nice thanks :)

          Gracias luis pero tengo una pregunta como obtengo la reparacion de racha? Estaria genial que me respondieras gracias :)




          Last I was aware, it was not even available to all people. So, it showed up to those it was available to, and didn't show up to people it wasn't available to. This is because it was a test feature, rather than a permanent one.


          Thanks Usagiboy7 it helped me to much you are the best there is your lingot :)


          Je suis désolé mais c’est un peu stupide de payer pour rien ! Votre proposition n’est pas incessantes Désolé S’il vous plaît pense à quelques choses plus attractives pour nous tous !!!


          I have just started Dutch on duolingo and have run out of 'health' points so can't continue for another 4 hours or so. I am happy to pay for Duolingo Plus if it allows me to continue with the app but I cannot see whether this is a feature of Duolingo plus. Can anyone advise?


          "so can't continue for another 4 hours or so" - not exactly. you can earn HP by repeating older lessons, the ones you learned earlier. Hit the heart button at the bottom and press Practice. Each re-practiced lesson earns you a HP. basically, that HP bar prevents you from moving too fast through the tree which is rather good because if you don't practice what you already learn, you start forgetting that and making mistakes in new material too.


          Sure, but this artificial lock-out happens even when all the previous skills are golden... if "better learning" were really the purpose, I think practising the new material should take priority over mindlessly redoing older material that according to duo's own algorithms doesn't really need refreshing in the first place.


          Well, maybe,our brains work differently, but for me thinking that "I only need to practice what's not golden" would be a very delusional statement. I don't come to Duo just to earn badges, I learn languages to be able to speak and read them. All the courses I took on Duo, I started here from scratch: I've never been learning any of those languages before. I would never know anything if I only practiced non-golden things and only when Duo reminds me. I can't think of a single day in those years when practicing was a waste of time. There were many times when I was keeping practicing even though I didn't need it according to Duo - because I knew I really need. I actually use Memrise in addition to Duo and keep practicing Dup course words there - because Duo's algorithm itself is not sufficient for me to remember everything really well and unmistakably. I do think that if one's making too many mistakes(so they lose the whole health), they're probably too rushing forward and need to slow down and check their knowledge, and remind already forgotten things.

          P.S. I do agree that Duo's main goal in adding that HP thing is probably about monetization, but honestly, for me this system turned out to work better than the previous one.


          It's quite possible to lose your health in a single new lesson on completely new material that shows up for the very first time. In my view, this shouldn't be considered rushing, yet you'd still be locked out.

          Btw I'm only here to collect trees in my spare time... learning about all these weird and wonderful languages is simply an added bonus :-)


          Absolutely agree with you there. I find it really suits my learning and confidence if I can work out a word without peeking, so I usually use the web when I start a new lesson. If I am on the ipad I buy a shield which protects me from loosing health for 30mins.


          No, Plus has no effect at all on app-feature "Health".

          The best way (and the only one AFAIK(°)) to avoid the Health system is to use the website version of Duolingo, not the apps.

          (°) Windows Phone is probably also an option, but i'm not sure if the Windows Phone Duo app is up-to-date.
          AFAIK, Android now has Health (or at least part of the users on Android have it has it may be still under A/B test on Android).


          I think this is awesome!


          Adding some extra content and real voices instead of computer generated ones for all the plus version courses would make it worth it for me.


          You guys are waaaay too greedy, and that's a pretty bad strategy, a 2€ monthly subscription would had raised thousands of subscribers, but 10€ à month is simply too much.

          Plus you're offering some advantages with that "plus" membership that should have been the norm (offline courses) to "force" people to subscribe, that's simply not right. And I'm really wondering if that's legal to get paid as a society by using free labours as working forces...

          I would never give a dime until this membership get settled back to a reasonnable sum.


          How many Duolingo Plus subscribers are there currently?


          The health system discourages children that want to learn a language. My daughter is visibly distressed when playing, afraid every answer could be wrong. This is not a good way to monetize. Also, you need to allow more than one account per email for families. I have two children that are learning languages and one email address and it gives you an error (email is not available) if try to register them with your email. Why not offer a one-time fee for a family to have an add-free experience forever ($50?). Honestly, subscription services are a nightmare, and if we ever stop playing we'd have to remember to cancel- too much to worry about.


          I loathe the health system, so I stopped using the mobile app version entirely. If your daughter does Duolingo via a Web browser, wrong answers won't be an issue.

          (Also, it's not at all unreasonable to tie account information and notifications to email. In an era of free mail providers -- Gmail is just the best-known, but there are many -- addresses are pretty easy to acquire. Why not set up a second address for the second child?)


          I do not have the option in the shop to get Duolingo Plus. I'm using an Android device.


          me párese muy chebere #duolingo.plu


          This sucks!! I signed on for a free week of Duolingo plus and went to cancel it on the 6th day and my account had already been charged and it said even if I cancel plus is available until March!! This FREE education is NOT free. Tried to contact anyone at Duolingo plus and all I got was access to a bunch of FAQs. If it isn't free then don't advertise it as such and NEVER send me ads about signing up for a "free" week again!!


          Hi Star!

          I wonder if these were the help articles you've already seen? It has tips on how to cancel and also how to get a refund. https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/sections/115001321983-Duolingo-Plus

          Another option is to file a bug report. From the Issues menu, select "Plus". That way you can let staff know what happened. It's very important that you select "Plus" from the menu. Otherwise it will go to the wrong department. I hope they are able to resolve this more satisfactorily for you.


          If you don't receive a solution in the troubleshooting forum, then ask Duolingo's staff via the "email support for Plus users" in your account


          On my Apple device a list of annual subscriptions vary from $59.99 to $83.99 with no description of what you get for each price. Can you clarify?


          Why are the different prices for the annual subscription?


          P like Duoligo's mission and wikk upgrade as soon as I can


          The price is too high. Cut it in half and it will bring more revenue.


          Duolingo is helping me take my language skills to a higher level, this is being reflected in my web translation projects www.victorgbustamante.com ❤️


          Duolingo plus fir IOS is a scam! It does not give you unlimited health, does nit remove ads, and does nit allow you to download lessons


          Hi LawrenceHi18,

          Have you checked the Help articles to try to Troubleshoot the issues? Some features are not automatically enabled. For instance, the Health shield, it doesn't do it automatically because some Plus members want to keep the Health feature in tact.

          Here are some articles that might help get your Plus subscription working if it's stalled. (Duolingo doesn't scam people. But, sometimes features do bug out and/or need to be enabled.)


          Yes I had checked all help articles. There was no availability to toggle health on. Furthermore each time I lost health it would ask me if I wanted to try duolingo for free for 7 days, when I said yes, it would then tell me I was already signed up for Duolingo plus!! So if I was already signed up with next renewal scheduled for november 2019 it should not be asking me if I want to sign up for plus. Last night after these posts it suddenly changed to say Plus and I was able to toggle health swirch. I finally had a period of time to learn and not losemy lessons because I ran out of health. I think it took time for the app to switch ne from 7 day free to Year subscription. Anyway, now it is working properly and I have renewed faith.



          I'm so glad to read that it's started working for you. Thank you for letting me know! If it was still not working after checking the articles, I was going to try to find someone to help you. But, this is even better! :)


          Thanks for your interest and trying to help solve my problem. Happy Holidays to you and yours.


          As one language learner to another, I'm glad it worked out. Also thanks! Happy holidays to you too. ^_^


          It works OK for me on my iPad. Unlimited health and no adverts


          Not wirking at all on iphone 6splus


          Unfortunately like hundreds of others I will be forced to cancel my subscription and go back to other apps to learn a second language. Too bad this one had great possibilities if it only gave you what you paid for.


          Not happy with my duolingo plus purchase for 79.00 The program does not allow me to do what you advertise


          If you don't receive a solution in the troubleshooting forum, then ask Duolingo's staff via the "email support for Plus users" in your account


          How can I get Duolingo Plus, now that my banner is gone?


          I purchased Duolingo Plus and I got charged for an entire year!!!! What happened to “monthly”???????


          Hi Amy, I'm not a staff member but here are the Plus Help articles for Duolingo Plus, since this discussion is old and I think you'll get assistance faster from directions in the Help article. :)


          I think it is right to make this kind of changes, because whoever is interested will be able to pay without problems and with pleasure. In fact I would pay because the ads are something I can not stand, but for a reasonable price. (I'm a expert UX design https://sergioescriba.com/ )


          I don't know if it will be the best option, the application without monetizing was a great success, anyway I will continue using the platform to learn languages. If you need help with web positioning please contact me (https://noeliaregalado.com/servicios/posicionamiento-web/)


          I recently got Duolingo Plus for a 7 day free trial, however, before I could get the free trial it asked me what plan I would want after the 7 days expired. I simply said a 1 month subscription for it was the headway and I don’t think I would get the plus after my trial. It then stated my trial would be over March 7th and I would have to pay for the one month after that day. But when I woke up this morning, $10 had been charged to my moms credit card when i had signed up for a FREE trial, can someone please help? that would be great and i find it ridiculous that I would have to pay for something I didn’t want in the first place. thanks!


          Personally I don't think it will do much good, and professionally I also bet on membership systems, but if you decide I offer to help ( I'm a web designer https://disecor.com )


          I would pay 3€/month to remove ads and support Duolingo. But 11€? Who came up with that price?


          Duolingo Plus can be a great solution since speaking languages ​​is essential in Spain, especially in the most tourist areas. Good luck with your project, it's great! It is helping me a lot to translate my website https://webidonea.com Thank you very much :)


          FEEDBACK FOR DEVELOPERS: plus is not useful so i decided to cancel my subscription. the reason is because it'll test me on things i haven't yet learned instead of reinforcing thing's i've learned. this is not useful.


          Creo que pude servir de mucho ayuda si la utilizo para traducir las paginas que realizo. Ya que trabajo en una agencia de diseño web en Málaga www.sebcreativos.es/diseno-web-malaga/, y casi todas las paginas webs necesitan traducciones al ingles.


          I don't think it will do much good i think, i am professionally and I also bet on membership systems, but if you decide I offer to help. I'm Wordpress designer, if you need help you ( https://www.danicollada.com/ )


          Buen sitio para aprender inglés y traducir mis sitios web holaseo.es


          Can the story texts be downloaded?


          Not just a hook to get people to Duolingo plus. Decided not to transfer immersion to the new website architecture. web universal

          Learn a language in just 5 minutes a day. For free.