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How do you say "I am..." with "Chleb", "Mleko", "Wode", and "Jablko"?

Sorry for not using the correct accents. I'm wondering how you would say in Polish "I am bread" or "I am an apple" etc.

Would you be able to just write "Jestem chleb" and "Jestem jablko" for example or would you need to change the word endings similar to saying "I am a woman" correctly?

Furthermore, does anyone know of a website I could use that lists the different case endings for nouns? Like with "Chleb" with the accusative, nominative, and instrumental case endings?


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You have to change the word to use the instrumental case (narzędnik - kim/czym jestem? mlekiem).

Jestem chlebem. Jestem mlekiem. Jestem jabłkiem. Jestem wodą.

Polish wikitionary should have all forms listed for common words, for example https://pl.wiktionary.org/wiki/jab%C5%82ko

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That depends on context.

When you mean the substance or object, then you need to use Instrumental Case. If - say - you make a show for children and there will be actors dressed as bread, apple, etc and they need to introduce themselves to children, they would say "jestem chlebem", "jestem jabłkiem", "jestem wodą".

Also in The Holy Bible, when Jesus references to himself as bread, in Polish it is "jestem chlebem".

But if you family name is Chleb - what would be unusual, but not impossible - then when you introduce yourself, you use Nominative Case: "Jestem Chleb, Jan Chleb".

Se also excellent "Guide on "X is Y" and "This is Y" constructions"

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