"To mój przyjaciel."

Translation:This is my friend.

April 17, 2017



What is the diffrence between znajomym and przyjacół?

April 17, 2017


They way we personally interpret the meaning of a word affects its usage. In English, many younger people might use the word 'friend' when referring to someone they recently met and/or don't actually know a lot about. For me personally, that word is reserved for only a handful of people I really know well.

In Polish, technically, 'znajomy' should rather refer to an acquaintance, whereas 'przyjaciel' should refer to a closer friend. However, as I described above, different personal preferences make it hard to draw a strict line. I could even imagine that some people treat them as synonyms.

I'm not a native speaker, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

April 18, 2017


I am 84 now and have never in my life made that statement, it is my friend. It's always, this is my friend that we use. If I was telling someone what mwas done by either me or my friend, then it's, it my friend that did it.

September 7, 2018


Well, "It is" is just an accepted answer, "This is" is the main one.

September 9, 2018
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