"L-am văzut prescriind vacanțe."

Translation:I saw him prescribing vacations.

April 17, 2017

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Who would prescribe vacations? A doctor? Is there another sense of the word?


Anybody could prescribe holidays. Hey man, you look stressed, you should take a couple days off.


Sounds like a doctor or joke. There is no other sense as far as I'm aware.


Best. Doctor. EVER. "Take two weeks off and call me in January"


It simply makes no sense at all.


We used to have a scheme here in SE England where a doctor could prescribe a term of exercise classes as a local gym if you fitted the criteria (either being obese and on a diet plan, or having a mental illness). Maybe some country is trying holidays... year ago we used to book respite care for patients post-op (in the 1980s when the health and social care system had money... paid for by the NHS too... our national health service... free to all at the point of need). No longer the case now though, not in days of austerity.


Surely, this should be vaccinations?


There is an Italian movie: una breve vacanza (a brief holiday - 1973) in which an Italian doctor send a working-class woman to a sanatorium/kind of spa in the mountains. There she receives several treatments in a beautiful environment where other people take holidays. It's a beautiful movie and it's kind of holidays prescript by a doctor and payed by the state in a more civilised time as @Coriander18 says in a comment below.


What a strange sentence!


What a shame?! You are supposed to teach people our language, not knpwing it by yourself?!


PeaceMaker737550 if you are knpwing our language, use it instead of English. It's no shame.


Coming back to this sentance about a year later I got the answer wrong because it really sounds weird prescribing holidays.


It is not wrong at all, here in Romania there are balnear places (spa resorts) where you can go with (or without) medical prescription to treat certain health problems. They can be recovery phisicians or sports doctors, also gastroenterologists... A vacation to Techirghiol could help any rheumatic :)


So are the holidays free?


Coriander18, holidays are as free as medicines :)


I got the sentence wrong again!


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