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When do you have to strengthen a skill?

So, earlier today, I log in and It looks like I have 2 or three skills I need to strengthen. I do the minimum (20 for me), and it is the second day in a row for the minimum. I usually strengthen 2 or 3 skills to clean up the tree, then do a couple new lessons on a new skill.

Tonight, I log in, and lo, I have to strengthen 43 bars! (some skills dropped by more than one!) Why is this so? I don't think I preformed so poorly on my last 20 minute log-on to justify re-visiting half of my 'accomplished' skills. Is there something that determines when you need to strenghten a skill, or is it just random, as it certainly feels like now. I have to say, this is REALLY discouraging. Has this happened to anyone else?

April 17, 2017



Try strengthening the one farthest down your tree, sometimes it will do all the ones above too.


To quote another user, hughcparker: Duolingo uses a spaced repetition approach. It shows you things you've learned at times that will most help them stick in your head. If you keep the tree gold, you'll find it works really well.

Duolingo takes account of how long it takes you to answer the question, and it takes account of whether or not you "peek" - whether or not you hold the mouse over the word to see what it means. The words that you keep getting wrong, or you keep having to "peek" at, it'll show you more often.


I lost my German tree twice with lots of gold because the course was updated. Just keep on with your study. Everything will gradually come back.


Just happened to me, too!


This has happened to me before, but not so drastically. First, I would check out this post in the Help Center.

If that doesn't help you, just go ahead and strengthen skills. Like SLEJ4 said, you may want to start at the bottom of the tree and go up, so you can strengthen multiple at a time.

And also, when this happened to me, and I clicked Strengthen Skills, I strengthened 9 skills in a lesson - keep up your hopes!


this happened to me as well


Well, I did 5 or so skills yesterday, leaving something like 35 still to strengthen, and today, when I sign on, only 5 need to be strengthened, and everything is gold again! What is going on? Has this ever happened to anyone else?

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