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I have two profiles on duolingo.

Hello, I have two profiles on duolingo, because it took me some time to find out how to switch between the languages. I am a German native speaker and I want to learn Russian. As I changed the language to German, I discovered there is no Russian for German speakers. So, I chose the Russian course for English speakers. But it was going on my nerves a little, that most of the time I was translating from Russian into English, because I was expecting a bigger challenge (using cyrillic letters, exercising declination and conjugation). So, I created another profile. I chose being a Russian speaker learning German. Just a few minutes ago I discovered how to switch between the languages and I wanted to ask if there's a possibility to connect both profiles without having to start all over again and without 'losing' my experience/skills I have already gained. Duolingo knows it anyway, because of cookies probably: greyleaves and greenleaves_ are the same person. So, I hope I haven't done anything illegal ;-) and wish you all a great day. Bye, greenleaves_

April 17, 2017



I have never seen or of a method to join two accounts. My best suggestion would be to sign into the account you want to keep add the course you want and take the test out option to hopefully bskip the stuff you already know


Good advice! You can find lots about skipping the basics here ... it certainly is a shame to lose all that work, but the good news is that you get hundreds, sometimes thousands, of experience points by testing out of a skill. Persevere and learn!

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