"He likes eating a lot."

Translation:Il aime manger beaucoup.

February 28, 2013

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Can I get the opinion of a French speaker please? In English this sentence is ambiguous between "he likes to eat large amounts" or "he really likes too eat". I would guess that in French, if you wanted to say the first one, i.e., large amounts, you would say "il aime manger beaucoup", and if you wanted to say the second, i.e. emphatic, you would say "il aime beaucoup manger". Is that right? Or would both examples in French be ambiguous? Thanks!


You are 100% right in your assumptions. There should not be any ambiguity.


This reminds me of the professor in the Tom Stoppard play who posits an eating competition in which both the quantity of food consumed and the manner of eating it are judged. One contestant has a mixed performance and goes back to his wife who says, "Well, you didn't eat well, but at least you ate well."


Eh bien, tu n'as pas mangé bien, mais au moins tu as bien mangé.


Thank you for your trust. I am French and my French is good enough to help you all.


Sitesurf, why is it that I keep mistaking you for one of the authorities (that is, a duolingo employee)? It seems like you know all the answers. thank you for all your assistance, and especially for this gem

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