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Spanish: Is Portuguese worth it?

I've been learning Spanish for a long time and take it at school. I'm pretty good at it, i'd say. I noticed while on vacation that Portuguese is very useful around my area. I decided to try it out. It's very similar to Spanish so I can guess everything correctly (so far). Will I get them confused? How can I avoid it?

April 18, 2017




I've been learning Portuguese for about two years now, and I'm a native Spanish speaker. From what I can tell you is, yes, you might get them mixed up. They have a very high lexical similarity with one another. An example is:

Prato (plate) in Portuguese. Plato (plate) in Spanish.

That's just a basic word of course, but as you progress, there are many more. BUT, Portuguese can also help you found out new words in Spanish, words you may have not learned yet. I myself am not a fluent Spanish speaker, despite it being my native tongue. But Portuguese has taught me words that I never heard in Spanish, and surprisingly enough, it's the same word in both languages!

So, if you like Portuguese and are genuinely interested in learning it, go for it. Boa sorte!


hello! if you can already speak Spanish at a good level than naturally I feel like your brain separates them(at least that's how it worked for me haha) but if you find that as you continue learning it and have trouble separating them then I recommend studying them at different times of the day or different days of the week that way your brain associates the language with the time of day, hope that helps!


You might get a liitle bit confused in the pronunciation and how do they write the words, but, if you NEED or REALLY LIKE portuguese, learn it then.


Óla! I will say with my little experience with Portuguese (I made it to level 7 before I resetted the tree) is that it is very, very possible that you can get them confused. For example, Portuguese uses a lot of "m"s where Spanish uses "n", and they both have very similar words. You could technically speak in Spanish and listen for the Portuguese answers, but it takes a bit of word to get used to just the sounds anyway. If you can use it, it's totally worth it! The best way to not get them confuse is to separate them in your head in some way. Give each of them a personality or voice. I hope this helps, buena suerte a ti!

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