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  5. "Un miligram de lapte."

"Un miligram de lapte."

Translation:A milligram of milk.

April 18, 2017



What is this, milk for ants?


Right, we don't use miligrams for liquids


Liquids also have a weight. The standard measurement is that 1 litre of pure (distilled) water weighs 1kg. For more viscous liquids, each millilitre will weigh more. This is why when I make my chocolate fudge cake and the recipe calls for 250ml of Maple syrup, I have to buy a 330gram bottle from the supermarket and use the vast majority if it


Is it a metaphor?


It could be for anything. How much milk do you feed a kitten? How little milk would it take to drown a person? How much milk is left in the cup?


And we would normally say millilitres not milligrams


Which is not the same: Assuming milk has about the same density as water, 1 millilitre is about 1 gram = 1000 milligrams. So microlitre would be more appropriate.


Is it more typical to use volume or mass measurement for liquid


“Milligram” / “miligram” is a mass measurement.

But maybe maybe we should just accept that DL wants us to memorize the prefixes for SI units, so we recongnize them in case of need. We do not need to use them actively.

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