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Translation:They are learning

April 18, 2017



Isn't this incorrect ? 'wanasoma' is 'they read'. So shouldn't this be 'they are learning' ? Reported, but would appreciate a native opinion.


indeed it should be. Either 'they are teaching themselves' or 'they are learning'. But sometimes you learn by reading too.


So kusoma means "to read" and "to study", and kujifunza means "to learn", "to teach yourself" and also "to read"? Is that correct? Or kujifunza is to teach yourself or to learn, but we can presume that most of the time you learn reading? I mean, you can read and not to be studying or learning; or you can learn using a video or practicing some action; or to study answering an exercise, for example. I know there are no perfect translations, but I need to know if I'm following the right way or if I'm learning wrong. Thank you!


Kusoma == to read or sometimes to study. Because you are reading in a way you are studying the topic of the book. Kujifunza == to teach yourself.

Well if I'm reading a scifi novel then I'm not studying per se but I am acquiring some new knowledge of a distance lands and its adventures. Obviously I'm not going to get quizzed after reading such a lovely book but I learned something about the book.

Studying in raw terms just means you acquired something from reading or watching or an experience. So you are right.

If I hear someone mention Kusoma, I immediately think 'read' but 'study' is not that far off either.

Does that help a bit? Let us know.


There are errors in the correction and different but also right answers are not accept. So it isn't possible to finish a test!!!!!!!!!!


I take notes about the possible answers the test doesn't accept, to learn, and then I just answer what it demands to keep moving on. That's the only way.


It is evident mistake of Duolingo. Exactly - "kusoma" means - to read, to study. "Kujifunza" means - to learn. I will be appreciate for correct this mistake.

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