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Are there other words out there like "blep"?

It was only this year that I discovered the word "blep". Having a word somehow made it all the cuter to witness! If you have never encountered this word, allow me to demonstrate: bunneh blep

If you're still not sure what "to blep" means, that's ok. I've brought along several friends to help me further the demonstration :D
Everybody do the blep!

What I'm wondering, are there other interesting words out there like this? I don't really know how to look up such words. Is there a single category--like there is for onomatopoeia--that they fall into?

If not or if so, if you know of cute words describing similar oddities, please share in the comments below!

Thanks! =^_^=

April 18, 2017



Not exactly the same, but I think catloaf may fall into a similar category :)

(Sorry the picture is so huge, wasn't sure how to make it smaller.)


"catloaf?" x'D This is perfect! bahahahaha! These kinds of words were exactly what I was hoping to find.


Heh, yeah, this word describes my cat 99% of the time :)


Supposedly, this isn't actually the correct definition for the word, but I think it's pretty cool nonetheless:


That is a great word! I'm looking more for things that have to do with animals though. :)


Maybe this: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Category:English_onomatopoeias
But "blep" seems to be slang, this site has lots of it (including "blep"): http://www.urbandictionary.com


urbandictionary is extremely unreliable. Its like wikepedia, but a dictionary, and all of the contributors are trollers. Like they have 60 different definitions for each particular George that the contributor has met IRL, and certain real words have been turned into nonsense.


The pictures don't show for me :(


Oh no! They are showing for me. Are you using a computer that blocks links from imgur?


Imgur works... Eh idk @.@


Can you see the first Here

and the second Here?


Hahaha, I've seen the blep but didn't know it had a name- very cute. So many animals blep, though I don't think I've seen a person do it. Except for the occasionak kid!


Maybe the human equivalent is jutting out the lower lip. I did this a lot as a child when I wasn't happy. haha. Though, I've seen animals do it who were not unhappy. My friend's cat seems to do it when a moment of deep, cat thinking is interrupted.


Every unhappy child pouts :P


True-- also if you interrupt them while they're grooming or they get distracted, they sit for a while just blepping :)


It reminds me of the words from Rich Hall’s Sniglets books. One of my favorites from those was “flibula” — the location on a dog’s body which when scratched will make the dog’s leg twitch uncontrollably.


My new favorite word! I'm going to teach my dog to do this on command! #CutenessOverload

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