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  5. Lost my 103 day streak, yay!


Lost my 103 day streak, yay!

... Three years ago, in the boondocks of Lugo province, Spain, on a journey with my father to trace his grandfather's roots... Still seems like yesterday... In many ways it was only yesterday...

Don't despair over past streaks... Look forward to the future ones! :-D

April 18, 2017



Keep donkeying on!


Yep that was me this last week. :-) Currently in transit in BRU, on my way back to sleety Hannover and a delta T of ~-20 deg C yay!!! :-D


Yup, I lost mine, a 50+ one which I'd started when I first downloaded the app, because of Duolingo's weird ways of handling time zones, at Christmas 3+ years ago. My graph still showed that I had practiced every day, as indeed I had.

I had no streak freeze in place, because I was practicing every day. I've got one now... :-p



Wise donkey tilting at the windmills

happy in my small corner

looking out of the window

happy at your adventure

blessings all around

Marvellous in your company



I lost my last one when a football european championship game went into overtime.

Yes, I deserved that streak loss.


I know I should not laugh but I cannot help it. Sorry. Here are some lingots. :)


I've had some Eurovision near misses... ;-)


Ha ha! I am so sorry Annika but that is nowhere near as cool. :P


I know :-)

(On the other hand, there's the consideration of how long streak one can have before it becomes (even more) embarrassing that one does this one thing every single day... Apparently, three years is not enough, but maybe five? Maybe that will be the time to retire from here.)


I would gladly trade my streak for those kinds of experience points!


XP is meaningless, even without immersion :-)


If you prefer, I would gladly trade my streak (not that it's worth much :D) for that kind of experience!


Thanks for the wise words!


i lost my 350 day streak around christmas time, and have been trying to get back up there ever since. maybe this time i'll get an even longer one!


Very wise words =]


I don't understand, why in the world would you be exited that you lost your 103 day streak?


I believe the "yay" was sarcasm.


Past streaks are antiques, not putdowns

Congratulations on the Japanese! :)


I bet losing that 103-day streak is nothing to you nowadays considering that you now have a day streak of 1178. Just try NOT to lose this one. :)

I think the maximum day streak that I have lost was about 20 days. Now look at my day streak. :)

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