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Vietmanese Lesson! (Written down)

Hi! I am completely new to Vietnamese but I know the pronunciations for it all! (I used Forvo) I love this language and I've written it down so here are the pronunciations (Spelt 'Pro' in these sentences) and the writing for it all and what you learn is Basics 1 Lesson 1. Please tell me if you think I should do more! Sorry for any confusion.


Basics 1-Lesson 1 Words learnt

tôi, bạn, là, đàn ông, phụ nữ, người

tôi=I, human, me=Pro:toy


Là=the, am=Pro=la

đàn ông=men=Pro:dan ong

phụ nữ=women, woman=Pro:fu nu/new


Lesson 1

người đàn ông=the man=Pro:noi dan ong

Tôi là người =I am a human=Pro:toy la noi

Tôi là tôi=I am me=Pro:toy la toy

Đàn ông=Man=Pro:dan ong

Tôi là phụ nữ=I am a woman/I am female=Pro:toy la fu nu/new

Tôi là người=I am human=Pro:toy la noi

Người phụ nữ=The woman=Pro:noi fu nu/new

Bạn là đàn ông=You are a man=Pro:ban la dan ong

Tôi là người=I am human/I am a human=Pro:toy la noi

Thank you for your time :) !

April 18, 2017



I'm glad you love my mother tongue! It's really expressive :D I adore your language too.


Ahh it's not my language! But it's lovely!!


I love English :D Your language, right?


What is the pro? I don't understand about it...?


I said Pro is short for Pronunciation.


But "tôi" is not "human" and "là" is not "the".


Thank you for your correction. What is the proper meaning? I find it hard to explain.

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