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"Nu cunosc când plecați spre Norvegia."

Translation:I do not know when you leave for Norway.

April 18, 2017



I asked this on a different thread but here it is again: can you really use "cunosc" instead of "știu" here?


I never heard CUNOSC used in this context; it is very un-natural ... I always heard STIU being used instead


I'd rather use știu, but I guess both work.


I've never heard cunosc in this case, I think the most correct would be știu


I was going to ask the same thing. I'd have assumed "știu" but as I'm not a native I wanted to check.


"Știu" is used in this sentence for all romanian speakers. I've found a lot of errors like this in the Romanian language lessons. I think the Duolingo team should be more careful with the translations. Have a nice day all !


Is "towards Norway" a better translation ?


I think "spre" can mean "towards", but we wouldn't use it here. "Towards" and "to" are used with verbs of motion like "go, walk, drive, ride", but we "leave for" somewhere.

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