Weird Strengthening Glitch?

Thanks for reading and understanding!

Since immersion, I've always kept every one of my spanish skills up to date and gold. I strengthen at least each skill every two weeks, so nothing goes down to 4.

During immersion I had, Present 2, Determin., Adverbs, Objects, To Be, Places, People, Obj. Pron. and Numbers down to sometimes 3. When immersion left, I focused on strengthening. It took awhile, but I got everything as gold. I always make sure everything is gold before I leave.

Yesterday, I did my normal- Adverbs was down to 4 and strengthened. I also did a couple that was already gold.

So, when I got on this morning, I expected my usually one or 2 down. I saw to my surprise that Basics 2 was down. So strengthened that without looking down. So when I did, I found 17 skills. Down to 4. Of my 26 skills.

I was shocked. I never saw anything like this- and saw even a couple down to 3. Nothing could pull all of them down like that.

This isn't something that should be happening normally. I strengthen everything often, and even take Spanish in school, and makes me better, and knowing a lot more. So having 17 skills down of my 26 skills make it seem like I was gone for weeks, and obviously, my streak of 263 days says not.

If you need to know what ones are down, I can list them. This includes even basics 2, which I know by heart.

Thank you so much for understanding this glitch.

Have a picture right here:

April 18, 2017


This happened to a lot of people!

April 18, 2017 The first comment mentions 4 others who have the same problem as us

April 18, 2017

Ok, good! Maybe duolingo added some new items and makes everything go down. It happened to me with 4 skills awhile back.

April 18, 2017

That might have happened

April 18, 2017

Yes. I hope it's not like a hacker or something.

April 18, 2017

Let's "regroup" all reports about the recent (less than 24 hours apparently) bug with strengthening, in this discussion which is [seems to be] the oldest one about this subject in the Troubleshooting forum.

Don't hesitate to upvote and comment that discussion so that it appears on top of the "Popular" tab.

April 18, 2017

Duolingo has been running an A/B test that boosted word strengths for some users. They have discontinued the test, so your word strength was simply reset to what it would be if you had not been in the test.

After analyzing this experiment, we have found that learners who were shown boosted word strengths are not performing as well as learners who were not shown boosted word strengths. Therefore, we have decided to turn off the boosted word strength experiment. This means that for some, it will appear as though their skill strengths have dropped for no apparent reason.

Read staff's announcement

April 18, 2017

Ok, thanks. I hope this won't happen often.

Edit: I looked. Yup everything has gone back to normal.

April 18, 2017

same thing happened to me.... about half my Esperanto tree went from completely golden to down to 4, and much of my other trees went down too. took me hours just to get all the ones at 3 up to four

April 18, 2017

Ok. I'll check my other trees.

April 18, 2017

That also happened to me, but it happened while I was switching from the Duolingo App to the website

April 18, 2017

Hmm..... I use my computer to use duolingo and use the same account.

April 18, 2017

This happened to me too

April 18, 2017

It seems to have happened to many people, in multiple languages and on multiple platforms.

At a guess, Duo has updated the skills algorithms.

It'd be nice if someone from Duolingo posted a note saying what changed, rather than having multiple threads just guessing about it. But that'd be customer service, and Duo is, sadly, not know for that. I did notice that Luis was quick to respond a post I made suggesting that the DuoPlus thing might be overpriced, though.

April 18, 2017
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