Xp contest

Entree is free but will gladly accept donations. Contest will start next Monday on the 24th and end that Friday.

If you do decide to join please leave a comment and follow me if your not already.

There is unlimited spots open so join while you can.

PRIZE: 1st 40 lingots 2nd 35 lingots 3rd 30 lingots

And must import have fun. Will update you when ever I can

Jthom777: 19


Mindstorms: 1001

PrincessSirenity: 120

FantF: 50

AnthemLights123: 110

Starboystellan: 2250



Thatsnaildude: 560











cwpotter: 700

Amp2004: 410








Camilla591375: 610


April 18, 2017


I'm in (2 lingots donated :D)

Please update leaderboard!

Hello! Just wondering if I can join. I am following you.

I'll join, sounds fun ☺

How are you able to use the emoji

You can copy and paste it. ฅ^•ㅅ•^ฅ

Who doesn't? ฅ^•ㅅ•^ฅ CAT FACE! ฅ^•ㅅ•^ฅ

I will join and its *important don't take offense just trying to help

Prize may increase depending on donations

Please leave an up vote

is that ur car? 'cause if it is, where did u get the car?

It's one of my friends dads

:O holy cow thats cool! A Lamborghini?

Increased the prize if you hadn't seen already from the kind donations

Just updated prize

Hello bro! I'll join

I think you needktfjghbfg 4 ]


vndjrextj ,k.iglycryjcgm,n/ ;]

i want to join but how and how do i donate lingots?

just gave five lingots mate i must be in after that.bring it on lads

You didn't have to give lingots giving lingots just increases the prize

I might join just I don't exactly know how this will work. Can you please tell me?

It's free there is nothing to it but will gladly accept donations

It works like this you follow me if you are not are already and then I will be able to record your progress

Ok I am gonna think about joining. If I join this will be my first XP contest. :)

So it starts on the 24 and goes to the 28?

never mind keep the lingots

By the way, can you please post on my activity stream when the competition starts, so I don't forget?

Oh, forgot the latest Duolingo update :(

Will update as soon as I can so please be patient

We have 23 contestants

here are some lingots ;-)

you're welcome, actually I'm not joining the contest, I just wanted to donate some lingots to the prize pool!

Could everyone up vote this if they haven't already.

Can I join, or is it too late?

Yeah you can join the contest doesn't start until next Monday

what is it about ?

Doing as much lessons as you can

Hi, how this work?? i don't understand it

You do as many lessons as you can and I will be able to track your progress by following you.

I'm in, I donated 10

I have a question guys. Do any of you know what roblox is if you do or even if you don't and would like to I have a video I just uploaded on YouTube and I was wondering if you guys could tell me what you think. The first 17 seconds is kind of boring so you could skip it if you would like.

And by the way FantF is one of the top competitors he's at 2242 so if you guys want to win this competition you guys are going to have to work hard next week. Peace out and wish you all the best of luck.

Actually only 8 ;D

what is the contest about?

Are we alowed to be with partners?

My next competition you will be able to. But not this one.

Would you like to join

I'm in donated a couple of lingots;-D

Thank you for the donations guys as you can see I have raised the prize

This is one of the biggest competitions I've made

So what do you think of duolingo getting rid of the activity stream

how do you get in I've already donated a lingot

So sorry I thought I put you in already. I will get right on it.

I would like to join!

K sorry I was so late replying

Wow I this is a close race

I'll join, Daniel. I donated on your other post for donations. (3 Lingots) If that's OK?

How is everyone doing.

Great! So far i'm first ;)

Sure sorry was sleeping

[deactivated user]

    that's amazing how many people you got to join yours! And please update the leaderboard

    Hey! could you update the leader board? Thanks!

    I have so far 110 XP!

    nvm i quit but keep the lingots

    whoa that's a cool one! (pic)

    I have 700 xp so far

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