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What if there was only one language in the whole world?

What would happen if we could all communicate with eachother. If we all spoke the same language and could understand everyone around us. We could understand people so much better and there would never be any more language barriers. Business could be conducted in a simple manner and there would never be confusion because of a simple misunderstanding of words. What if we could all live as one human race, united together by a way of speaking. All brothers and sisters with one another free to speak among others and learn about others in a whole new way.

April 18, 2017



Language is tied to our history and our identity. It shapes the way we behave and the way we think. What if we all thought exactly the same way? What if we all listened to same type of music, ate the same food and lived in identical buildings? We need languages and cultures, because we need cinema, poetry, symphonies, electric guitars and pudding. We need history, societies, some place to belong to. We need beauty. We need our truth, not somebody else's. :)


I am glad there are different languages. Sure, sometimes it can be annoying not being able to communicate with someone,(trust me, I know, I was in another country for a month!) but there is also something sweet about someone talking to you in your own language when you are in another country. When I was in Mexico I was deeply touched when people took pains to try to talk to me. I even had a friend who did not even speak English or Spanish, and we were still able to communicate by giving each other gifts, and using gestures and hand motions.


I see your point. That is very interesting. Did you have lots of trouble communicating while in Mexico or was it the normal dialogue but slightly changed, which made it hard to understand?


Everything was in Spanish, and my Spanish vocabulary then was practically 2 words. I did begin to catch on by the second week though.


That would be cool but then there would be no variety in the world (Speech i mean)


Interesting, but I think that the incredible diversity of language is something so incredibly beautiful. It would be a waste to abandon all of that.


If there was just one language, I would be happy.


We wouldn't be here if there were only one!


What do you mean?


We wouldn't be on Duolingo learning languages I mean.


Great point, you get a Lingot as a reward!


It would be extremely boring. And I'm very happy it is not true.


I can speak Tamil because i am native to india(but born in US so English is main lang) and me and my parents talk n it when we don't want people to hear us. Like when we talk about personal stuff or insult someone! so 1 language will mean everyone will know what your saying And did you know that 1 of the US president spoke to his wife in chinese for privacy?


Which president?


i think it was gerard ford


That's the dream. I honestly wish it could actually happen.


Let me know your thoughts on this subject! Thanks


I wish that would happen great story dude


Love the Star Wars picture <3


It would be, at best, a much more boring place - and at worst a global dictatorship the likes of which has never been seen! I recommend Orwell's book '1984' for a more detailed explanation on that.

A language is, to some extent, an expression of the human culture that speaks it. Japanese without the politeness markers, conjugations, and lack of polite ways to directly translate the word "you", would cease to be Japanese. Respect, politeness, tradition, hierarchy are so important to Japanese culture that it wouldn't be a stretch to say that, without a way to express them every day in language, the Japan we know today would simply cease to exist.

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