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"Good morning! I drink milk and she drinks coffee."

Translation:Bună dimineața! Eu beau lapte și ea bea cafea.

April 18, 2017



I would like to know if it is possible to use ellipsis for sentence constructions in Romanian. For example, can I write the sentence with the second verb (bea) elided?

Eu beau lapte și ea, cafea.

Mulțumesc amicii Duolingviști! =)



Interesting to see you here:D Are you still doing Romanian ?


Salut! Yes, I have been practicing with Romanian including with the immersion tool. I have started the English course for Romanian before but with problems when conjugating verbs and with object pronouns. ;)


Me too, am coming back to the course. I have no problems with conjugation at all, but I did the course with ease and speedily until I reached a spot where adjectives had to be adjusted and I had never bothered trying to learn genders of nouns. So I am redoing it now with better research and book keeping :)


What's the immersion tool?


Immersion disappeared months ago because a decision of the Duolingo staff. The users could upload documents in the target language to translate the phrases and sentences (for example an article from Wikipedia) so I uploaded texts in Romanian to translate to English or Spanish, and English texts to translate to Romanian also (this immersion tool was available for Romanian speakers already but not the reverse way so I found a method to create the immersion for Romanian texts.)


I left out 'Ea' before 'She drinks', (as I Was told pronouns arnt needed unless one wants to put an emphasis on whom their speaking to), and I got the question wrong, Is this true or should I always include pronouns before verbs?


Why is it: Eu beau / ea bea

And not: Eu bea / ea beau?



Masculine Eu = Eu beau, feminine Ea = ea bea although El (3 rd person) is still bea.- says my husband who is a native speaker...


Eu = I Eu is neutral


For the same reasons you don't say "I drinks, she drink"; it's just incorrect conjugation.

Here is the Romanian conjugation for "to drink": http://cooljugator.com/ro/bea

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