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Duolingo tweaked fluency scores

Looks like they tweaked the algorithm of calculation for fluency score.

On my Spanish from English tree: It went down from 57% to 52%
On my English from Spanish tree: It went from 58% to 75% .

Both trees are fully golden but I can see underlying stats of my Spanish from English tree is worse and thus I think the new algorithm is more accurate in terms of reflecting freshness of skills and the words that make up those skills. (BTW, it is still not really a fluency score but that is another discussion)

How do I see the underlying strengths? I do use "Skill Strength Viewer" user script along with Tampermonkey add-on for Chrome and the script adds a "Skill Strength" section on the home page at the right most column (under the existing standard sections there)

I highly recommend this script to everyone interested in finding out what needs to be refreshed and do targeted skill refreshing when the tree is all golden.

According to Skill Strength Viewer:

My Spanish from English (Duolingo score: 52%):
Overall Strength: 45.9 %
Dead Words (0 Strength): 948/2968

My English from Spanish (Duolingo score: 75%):
Overall Strength: 69.4 %
Dead Words (0 Strength): 415/2093

April 18, 2017



my fluency went down also but no other changes have been seen


Give the Skill Strength Viewer a use. You will be surprised to find to find out many of your all golden skills are not even 50% strength. I wish Duolingo incorporated Skill Strength Viewer to their page or augmented the 5 bar strength for each skill with word strength percentages of that skill.


what is the skill strength viewer?


Here is the information including the screen shot:


Also here is another link where you will find some other User Scripts.


Personally, I am only using the "Skill Strength Viewer" and the "Course Switcher".


Thank you that will most likely help me alot!


I had a similar experience today. Overnight my Italian fell from 57 % to 54 % but my German jumped from 21 % to 49 %. I don't set too much stock in these levels but they do motivate me to practice more just as the streaks do.


I lost about 10% also, I think Duolingo must have updated something as others have complained of whole trees being un-golded. Also, a few other people's fluency has decreased too.


My German (from English) shot up to 63% today!


Yes, I noticed a similar thing. English to Italian went down from 63% to 59%. Italian to English went up from 59% to 78%. This ties in better with the number of words that have only got one bar of strength on the Words list.

Have just looked again (2 hours since I first looked), and they've gone down further. Now they are; English to Italian went down from 63% to 57%. Italian to English went up from 59% to 76%.

The decay rates must be accelerating.

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