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Lost strength in MANY categories

Just went onto Duolingo to find that about half of my "skills" are back in colour and need to be improved!! They were almost all full yesterday after doing activities in French and Spanish!! HELP!!!!!!!!!

April 18, 2017



To quote the moderator jrikhal: "Let's "regroup" all reports about the recent (less than 24 hours apparently) bug with strengthening, in this discussion which is [seems to be] the oldest one about this subject in the Troubleshooting forum. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22206131

Don't hesitate to upvote and comment that discussion so that it appears on top of the "Popular" tab."


Same here... 190xp this morning just to get 9 lessons up to full bars as some needed doing twice!!! One has gone down already!!! 25 still need 'strengthening' despite being full strength yesterday!!! I understand that skills and vocab need revisiting but something's gone wrong... I need to do other things other than trying to learn Romanian!!! I hope it's just a glitch as it's made a fun activity a real chore!!!


I have as well, it happened to so many other people as well


I did notice some new phrases doing an exercise in French, so maybe the lessons were all updated with new material, hence why our strengths all dropped?


I didn't really notice any new material yet in Spanish. Its more like they changed the algorithm and it's showing that you need to do more practice.


I have the same issue and reported it as a bug yesterday! Had 30+ lessons go back to "need improved" status!

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