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  5. "Saa tatu na dakika ishirini"

"Saa tatu na dakika ishirini"

Translation:Twenty minutes past nine

April 18, 2017



9:20 am. Same as 20 past 9 in the morning...eish, and sometimes this format is accepted.


How is 'tatu' a nine? I've just learned it was a '3'


In some East African equatorial countries the day starts with the sunrise at 6.00am (International Time). Therefore 6.00am + 3h = 9.00am. This means 03.00h "East African Time" is 09.00am (International Time). Vice versa: 1.00pm (International Time) - 6h = 7.00h (East African Time).


there is an explanation of time in the tips and notes section of the lesson. This can be accessed in your browser

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