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How can we be perseverant to study a language

Sometimes I want to learn this language already, but I know it takes time

April 18, 2017

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thank you all. There is a lot of desire to want to learn.


That's the spirit my friend! Keep going! We're all in the same journey :)


(?)...Hello there...Please, don't despair...if that title was a question, I would say the following....Just do it man, just do it...Millions of people have done it already...Millions would soon as well...Once you have oportunity and the right motivation, it'll be more difficult not to achieve this goal than doing it...Also, who could achieve anything without trying? and I mean really, really trying...not wanting, that's not enough...trying, means you visualizing victory, no matter the circumstances or the final result...

just saying...hope we all do great bro!


It takes time and you have time. Sigue p'alante. Lento pero no pares.


Motivation (why you start learning?), exposition (films, songs, articles, journals, tv), perseverance (hard work every day is extremely important to achieve something) and need (sometimes it is just for fun, but nowadays we need to learn at least english, to expand ourselves to the world). Those four things, are the key for learning any language. Keep going, every day. The moment you start understanding a song, or a conversation; you will feel in heaven (trust me, is one of the best things in the world, because you were the responsable of make that real). Don't let yourself down. Keep in track :) We are here to support you!

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