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Please add Yoruba

I'm just a fellow british Nigerian trying to learn my fatherlands language. I hope you see this duolingo. Join if you wanna see this.

April 18, 2017



The Duolingo staff and moderators have asked us to keep to only a single post for each language that's suggested, to keep the forums manageable. Have a look at this post about how to suggest a language course: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15014194.

Yoruba has already been suggested and added to that page. If you want to add your upvote to the calls to add a Yoruba course to Duolingo, that's where to do so.


It would be great to have another African language here :)


I would support that. Believe it or not, Yoruba language is widely used by some of the Cuban population, mainly those who practice the Yoruba religion. The roots come from hundreds of years ago.


Yeah! I totally agree.




i like Duolingo add too learning language yoruba too, to learning language yoruba to practiced better my religion cult Orisa in my contry.


For anybody interested in Yoruba, I am starting a deck on Tinycards for Yoruba. You don't even have to create a new account, because it is owned my Duolingo and you can sign in with your Duolingo account. Just look up either Usawa_Nyeusi or Yoruba and you can find my deck, once I finish it.


Preach. @Ayomide2004


i would totally pay to learn yoruba. I Love that Language


I would like to learn Yoruba maybe having Nigerian blood from Cuba from Veracruz, Mexico as it is good to help myself learn about myself

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